How to Install iOS 10 on Your Android Smartphone / Tablet

How to Install Any iOS Operating System in Your Android Device

Android is the most extensive operating system which is used in variety of devices and by many companies, unlike Windows or iOS operating system which are only being used by Microsoft and Apple Inc. respectively. Android Open Source Project (AOSP) provides almost all development details on Android so developers learn and also create lots of themes, tweaks, hacks and ROMs to change Android’s layout and functionalities but they still are not able to achieve perfection in developing iOS themes.

So, whatever app, theme or tweak you try, you cannot experience the look and feel of iOS operating system in your Android smartphone but, if you want it so bad and can’t afford to buy iPhone for one reason or other then here I am telling you how to install iOS in Android device.


I am going to provide some apps, tweaks, hacks and custom ROMs which will allow you to enjoy iOS in Android. So, lets get straight to the business or else some impatient readers will wreck my sweet webpage. 😛

Using iOS Launcher Apps

iOS Launcher apps are the safest way to enjoy the look and feel of iOS operating system in your Android device, without taking any risk of crashing your Android device. It is quick and easiest way that even noob can use to customize Android in order to mimic Apple’s beloved iOS operating system. There are many iOS Launcher apps available in Google Play store. We have downloaded and tried few popular launchers. Among them, we are providing here top 3 best iOS launcher apps which work great without slowing down or crashing the device.

1. One Launcher

One Launcher is most popular iOS Launcher which is available to download for free at Google Play Store. It is easy-to-use launcher without frills and fuss. The interface resembles iOS operating system. Icons wiggles, user have option to tap X to uninstall or long-press icon to delete/uninstall their apps, uncluttered home screen replacement, smart widgets, effects all are similar to iOS.

One Launcher iOS Launcher Android

Download One Launcher from Google Play Here

2. OS9 Launcher

OS9 Launcher is developed to provide iOS 9 user experience in Android devices. The sliding effect, icon design, icon size, desktop icon arrangement, screen layout, wallpapers, search, etc. everything is designed to mimic iOS 9 and show correlation of icons & effects in the same manner. Privacy hider, Quick Touch, OS search and many other tools are available in OS9 Launcher that you will not find in any other launcher.

OS9 Launcher

Download OS9 Launcher from Google Play Store Here

3. xOS Launcher

This is minimalist iOS launcher app that you need if you only want visual effects and customization features just like iOS and nothing else. The app do not crash your Android or hog precious memory. xOS Launcher is pre-loaded with 10 authentic handset themes Apple iOS, OPPO, Vivo, XIAOMI, Huawei, LG, Samsung, etc. so you have a lot of options to enjoy other brand’s interface while keeping your same beloved Android device.

xOS Launcher

Download xOS Launcher from Google Play Store Here

Using Custom ROM

Few Custom ROMs are available which, upon installing will not only provide all the visual effects of iOS but also many cool features of this cool operating system. So, they are going to deliver much more than a normal iOS Launcher app that you just downloaded from Google Play Store. But, flashing ROM and installing custom ROM is advance process. It requires rooting the phone which may void the warranty (also, root procedure differs from brand to brand and device to device). Though you can follow your phone specific guide for rooting and installing custom iOS ROM to your Android but their is a slight risk of bricking your phone.

iOS Custom ROM Android

If you are all in all confident and determined to install custom iOS ROM to your Android then the link of one authentic guide to install it is provided below:

[ROM][4.3][A3]* iOS 7 * iPHONE V2 NEW!!! (XDA Developers)

Search Google for any other iOS ROMs and their install procedure for your Android device if you don’t like this iOS ROM. Their are many available for your specific Android device too.

Installing iOS to Android Device

Your Android can have exactly same hardware configuration or features like iPhone but you can’t install iOS to your Android device. Sorry to disappoint you but this is the truth. There are lots of things which limits everyone to create any such method which will allow them to install iOS operating system in Android device:

  1. Unlike open-source Android, iOS is close-sourced, Apple’s proprietary software so it is not possible to install it on any other device as the OS is not available publicly.
  2. Even if someone somehow gains the OS, modify iOS from the core and make it compatible to run on Android devices, Apple will sue him for doing that. As, it is illegal.
  3. iPhone is different, way down to its architectural level. The CPU is designed in such a way that both iOS and CPU will be compatible to each other and work as smoothly as they work now. Hardware ambiguity, random errors, system crash, missing features, unmatched configuration of API within apps and lots other error will start bumping if developer still intends to try.

iPhone Full UI Customization

Play safe. In my recommendation, install and use any good iOS Launcher app in your Android device and if you want more, you can download screen-lock apps, keyboard app, notification bar, etc. which will provide these features in iOS style to your Android.

If you know any other method to make an Android device look more and more like Apple iPhone, you can share your tips in the comment-box provided below.

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  1. I tried all my best and end up in messing with my phone I used the flash ROM but then my performance and battery backup become horrible …now I know that we can only experience iOS on iPhone only .plzz guys don’t try all this stuff and make ur phone useless

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