5 Best Sources For Writing Your Essays

Academic essay writing can be hard without clear guidance and reference points. And bibliography as a requirement for any paper can become this guidance.

When you research sources you build the base for the future essay. If you miss this step, you lose not only a good bibliography list but the whole sense of the paper. Most likely your essay will be unstructured and without good arguments.

The team of DoMyEssay which writes custom essays for sale online shares its experience in researching. Here are the 5 best sources to write the perfect academic paper due to the opinion of the company.

Must-Read Books

At the beginning of the course, most professors present the list of must-read books. These manuals you need to read at least for passing the final exam because teachers often include questions from there to the tests.

The information from must-read books maybe 80% of the paper. But you can’t just copy the data. Also, you can’t always rely on the direct list. Sometimes professors don’t provide it and you need to look it for by yourself. For example, if you write an essay about the work of the particular author, you can include in the must-read books list his other works and his biography.

The list of the must-read books also can be based on the recommendations to reading for the subject you write your essay for.

Secondary Reading

Secondary reading is an additional list of books. You may read it or you may not. There will no questions of these manuals in any test. Professor will not be able to check whether you are familiar with the facts from there, but if you will include the additional information to your paper, there will be a plus.

Some professors give both the must-read and secondary list. Others think it is your job to understand which books will be useful for writing. Also, you always can add your books to the existing list.

The fun aspect of the secondary reading is that you can`t know in advance what books turns out to be a helpful source. In that sense, secondary reading is more of self-development. You can use in the paper the manual you`ve read one a few years ago. That is why the essays DoMyEssay team writes are so good. Experts of the site have a solid experience a thousand of books they read. And they use this foundation for each order.

Scholarly Sites

Scholarly sites are all about not just information for essays but understanding what your professor may want from you. Some of them can be really complex and full of technical terms. Do not try to embrace all the information at once, but borrow the data you should study and consider closer.

You can use DoMyEssay.net also as a scholarly site. The papers the team of the service writes are the perfect samples. Contact the managers for the opportunity to check some of them or order the essay to use it as an example.

Scientific Papers

Scientific papers are the most strong source. They may be only 5% of the essay and still be the most important argument. Professors highly regarded scientific papers in the bibliography, but it can be really hard for a student to work with them.

If you decide to use scientific papers in the essay, look for the newest publications in scholarly sites. Also, it should be paper with strong arguments, good reviews, and a trustworthy author. Read it carefully, few times, and choose the thoughts that can be useful for your topic. Use direct quotes or do reference with your reasoning.

Do not use scientific paper if you don’t understand what about it. If your professor requires these sources in the bibliography, better ask experts in the field for help. The DoMyEssay team is ready to work with the thesis any complexity.

News and Interviews

Reference from news and interviews can`t be base on an academic essay but can bring interesting facts to it. Use only relevant ones. If it is the essay about literary, search for art and culture magazines. If you should write about policy, use any trustworthy new website.

News and interviews are especially helpful for essays on an urgent and actual topic or field. For example, technologies, Artificial Intelligence, and deep learning. In these fields, information updates too fast and digital-sources will be more reliable and fresh than offline publications. But online, there is a bigger risk to face fake news. So double-check any data you found and rely on official sites of technological companies.

If you want to be absolutely sure about the quality of your paper, feel free to submit a request for an order on the DoMyEssay sites. The managers of the service will consult you and pick the best author who is experienced in the field and knows the best sources to write a perfect academic essay.

Disha Verma is a Mass Media student from International School of Business & Media (ISBM). She lives in Maharastra, India and loves to write articles about Internet & Social Media. When she is not writing, you can find her hanging out with friends in the coffee shop downstreet or reading novels in the society park.