5 Tips to Choosing the Best Soundbar in 2018

Soundbars are designed to offer your TV superior sonic performance and fulfill your entertainment expectations. They help improve sound quality without requiring the use of cables like in traditional surround sound systems. Although large systems are good and generate decent audio quality, sound bars are way neater since they’re affordable and don’t occupy as much space. Soundbars are not easily noticeable, which is a good thing. They are slim and easy to set up. Finding the best soundbars can be a hard task though.

Here are a few tips on choosing the best sound bar in 2018:

Match your sound bar size to your screen

Most sound bars are made for specific TV screen sizes. It would actually look very odd to have a sound bar that is bigger or smaller than your screen size. Matching the two sizes will give you the best results in terms of sound quality. It’s also important to consider where you want to place the soundbar. It could rest on your TV stand which means you would have to measure your TV base so that the soundbar doesn’t stick out. You could also mount it on the wall if your TV is also mounted, or put it under your TV which is a very neat style. With either of the above placement options, size is key.

Check out for wireless connections on your soundbar

There is no reason whatsoever to settle for a sound bar without inbuilt Bluetooth features though many sound bars come with that feature. Bluetooth is the fastest and easiest way of streaming music from your phone or computer and if most of your music is located on your phone a built-in Bluetooth in your soundbar should a necessity.  It would be possible to add the built-in Bluetooth if a soundbar lacks this feature but that would be a good idea since inputs are limited on sound bars. Going for sound bars with built-in Wi-Fi is also important since it helps you access online services such as accessing music.

Sound quality

The whole idea of getting a soundbar is to boost the sound of your TV which is why it is important to compare the sound quality of different sound bars. A good soundbar will produce clear, well balanced and detailed sound. The only way you can ensure your sound bar meets your requirements is actually listening to its sound. Some sound bars come with a subwoofer which gives the system that bass for a better experience but in some cases, it would be better to purchase the subwoofer separately.

Decide how many channels you want

Sound bars come with labels such as ‘2.0’, ‘3.1’, and ‘5.1’. The first number lets you know the number of channels the soundbar has and the number after it lets you know if the soundbar has a subwoofer or not. 1 indicates it has one subwoofer and 0 indicates it does not have a subwoofer. Depending on how you want your TV to sound, you can pick a sound bar with either labels. If you only want to boost your sound, a sound bar with less channels would do that. But if you want that extra bass you would consider going for a sound bar with many channels and a subwoofer.


Finally, it would be wise to go for a sound bar that fits into your budget. Cheap does not always mean poor quality and expensive does not always mean it’s the best. The only important thing is to check the sound quality. For a small living space, it would be unnecessary to purchase a multi-channeled subwoofer but also if the money is available it does not hurt to go for a sound bar that meets your needs. It is also important to read reviews and research on different types of sound bars before settling on one.

Pursuing MCA from the University of Delhi, Saurabh Saha is an experienced blogger and internet marketer. Through his popular technology blogs: TechGYD.COM & Sguru.org, he is helping several brands to gain exposure in front of high-quality web visitors.