The Procedure for Admission in A Dental School

Do you want to be a dentist? I mean it is a lucrative career and dentist are high in demand these days. Well, to be a dentist, you need a doctorate in dentistry. You need to do hard work to prepare yourself for the challenge. In the US, there are hundreds or thousands of applications but only a few of them are accepted. The dentist schools have a very high standard and you need to face very difficult exams. There are other things too that they consider such as coordination and eyesight of the applicant. One of my friends in Canada applied in Genesis CDE last year and got rejected.

The best thing to apply in the US that you can apply to all of the dental colleges from one organization. It means that you will not need to fill all the forms separately. There is both private and public school to apply so you need to decide where you want to study. Moreover, there are many type and duration of courses. As you are going to get in a field where the average salary is $100,000 so the fee will be going to high. In this article, we will provide you with a basic roadmap to get admission in a dental school.

Grades and Courses at Dental School

If you want to get admission to dental school, you need to have some kind of bachelor’s degree. However, the major in the bachelor degree does not matter to get admission in dental school. You just need to study science courses for applying. But if you want to be a dentist you can choose history, philosophy or any other course you like.

You can get help from university advisors regarding the requirements of the course you want to choose. However, it all depends on the school as some offers an undergraduate program with a dental course. Moreover, you need a very high-grade point average because there is so much competition. You need to have more than 3.3 GPA to beat the competition.  However, your grades are not enough, you also need to show your participation in the extra-curricular activities. It means you need to show them that you are an all-rounder student. You need to show you activities on the application form. It is good if you volunteer to work in a dentist office.

Admission Test

After applying for the dental school, it is time for you to prepare for your Test. The dental school test is organized by the American dental association. It is a computer-based test which is going to take 5 hours. Every school has different deadlines for admission, so prepare for your test early. Moreover, there is a fee for the test which is $225. You will get three chances for the test and you need to pay the same fee each time. But there should be 90 days difference between the test. We will recommend you to take this test one year before applying. The reason is that you will have enough time for retakes.

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