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While many multimedia devices now support USB input, Bluetooth & WiFi, DVD is still one of the most popular, compatible and affordable ways to carry your multimedia data. So, those who are comfortable with DVD use only DVDs to play movies and songs. Many people still like to buy DVD of latest movies, new music albums, antivirus, Windows OS, Games DVDs etc. because for their precious content, it feels safer to have it available on a separate physical disk. I am among them too.

Content remains safe inside DVD but the major issue arises with DVD is that if you use it too much or if you don’t keep them safe then scratches start to appear on its surface thus corrupting DVD’s content inside. So, if you want to protect its content or clone the DVD to a new one then the safest and fastest way to do this is by using WinX DVD Copy PRO.

What is WinX DVD Copy PRO?

WinX DVD Copy PRO is an essential software by Digiarty Software, Inc. for those who want to flawlessly copy all content of their DVD to a new one, want to create a backup of their DVD or repair corrupted data/bad sectors of their old DVDs. The software is specially designed to meet users’ up-to-date DVD backup requirements to clone DVD, create ISO image of DVD, copy all DVD content to one single MPEG2 file, repair bad sectors easily.

Whether your DVD is one month old or decades have been passed, WinX DVD Copy Pro ensures a smooth backup of every single bit of content from the DVD quickly without deteriorating it any further. The DVD backup software utilizes many advanced techniques which lag behind every other DVD backup software in the market because these techniques not only boost the performance of the software but also help in cloning the data safely while using very fewer CPU resources.

Want to know those techniques? Then scroll below to the features section where I am telling you each and every important feature that WinX DVD Copy Pro is providing you to make your DVD copying & backup task seamlessly easy even if you have a full stack of DVDs waiting to get backed-up.

Features of WinX DVD Copy PRO

As you can see in the screenshot of WinX DVD Copy PRO home screen above, the software appears so simple and the interface is very straight-forward for the end users. All the advanced technologies work in the background to provide the best result for any operation you perform. It might appear magic to everyone but it’s always interesting to know the tricks of magic, right?

Full 1:1 Ratio DVD Backup

Copying DVD is a delicate procedure especially when it’s a movie or song’s DVD because unlike DVD with software content which can be copied directly if you try to copy their content using Copy-Paste procedure, all of their settings deteriorate. It can even corrupt the data but when you use WinX DVD Copy PRO, you don’t have to worry about all these things. WinX DVD Copy Pro performs a 1:1 ratio cloning. The tool copies the entire DVD to a blank DVD without any quality degradation. The DVD will be copied as it is with all its data and settings.

You can copy DVD-9 (8.5 GB) disk to blank DVD-9 and DVD-5 (4.7 GB) to a blank DVD-5 disk or clone intact DVD video/audio data to blank DVD-/+R (DL), DVD-/+RW (DL), DVD RAM.

Create DVD Image or Copy directly

With one click in the software, you’ll be able to create a standard ISO image of your DVD or if you want, you can copy DVD into VIDEO_TS folder. In both methods, the 1:1 ratio feature works which ensures the preservation of all menus, subtitles, and languages. WinX DVD Copy PRO utilizes enhanced DVD to ISO copy engine which eliminates unnecessary procedures, copy disk faster and produce a better outcome.

Copy Specific Title/Chapter of DVD

If you don’t want to copy your whole DVD and looking for extracting just a specific Title / Chapter, then it has also been made very easy with WinX DVD Copy PRO. The software lists down all the available Chapters in your DVD while you can select to specifically copy them or create their backups. Copy original DVD video/audio data and create a single MPEG-2 file out of them to play it on Xbox, PS3, Wii and TVs from Flash Drive. Even, if you want, you can further edit the extracted data in Windows Media Center.

Burn DVD & Mount ISO Image

WinX DVD Copy Pro has inbuilt DVD burner that allows you to burn either ISO image or VIDEO_TS folder directly to a blank DVD. Whether you’ve created ISO from the software or you downloaded it from somewhere else, both can be written in a DVD. And, if you don’t want to burn your ISO but use it like a real disk then it features ISO mounter which allows you to mount DVD ISO image to a virtual drive to use it as a real disk. You can mount as many ISO image files as you want. They’ll be mounted in separate virtual DVD drives.

Repair Corrupted/ARccOS Bad Sectors

The issue of wear & tear is most annoying one. If you have an old DVD that has bad sectors or corrupted data then WinX DVD Copy Pro can recover most of its content while copying/cloning DVD or creating its ISO image and that’s too automatically, you don’t have to follow any additional process for it. Moreover, the software is capable to bypass Sony ARccOS bad sectors which are deliberately created on the DVD to crash any cloning software which attempts to copy the disk.

Low CPU Cost, Fast Speed, High Quality

I have tried and tested several DVD copying software which took around 25 to 30 minutes to copy a D5 DVD. Using WinX DVD Copy PRO, I was able to copy my whole disk within just 14 minutes and while it was copying my disk, even my CPU didn’t appear busy. The software handles resources very efficiently, you will not feel any lag in your system even if you do heavy operations such as creating ISO, burning DVD etc. using WinX DVD Copy Pro. It utilizes less than 1% of CPU in performing these tasks and keep your CPU free for you to do other processes normally.

Simple & Easy to Use Program

WinX DVD Copy Pro is very easy and simple to use program with a straight-forward interface. Once you open the program, on the left-hand side, you can see all the important Full DVD Disk backup operations, DVD Title Backup operations, and Tools. These are all the functions you’ll ever need from a DVD backup software.

How to use WinX DVD Copy PRO?

WinX DVD Copy PRO is already a very simple program which doesn’t ask you to fill a lot of details or complete a painfully long procedure to do any DVD related job but for a first timer, let me guide you step-by-step on how to use the program so that you don’t have to waste your time (even by mistake) while using the software.

Full DVD Disk Backup Operations

If you want to create a backup of your full DVD then WinX DVD Copy Pro provides a variety of options. You can either clone DVD to DVD, clone DVD to ISO or Copy DVD to VIDEO_TS folder.

Clone DVD to DVD

If you want to copy DVD to DVD without creating an ISO image or VIDEO_TS folder then insert your original DVD and click “Clone DVD to DVD” from the left sidebar of WinX DVD Copy Pro. It will open the window from where you can choose Source DVD drive and Target DVD drive.

Set Source and Target same because it isn’t going to happen simultaneously. Your DVD’s content will be first copied into the system and then you need to put a blank DVD into the drive in order to allow DVD Copy Pro to put all the content of your original DVD here. Leave other settings intact and press “Run” button available at the bottom-right corner to start the procedure.

Clone DVD to ISO

If you want to create an ISO image of your DVD rather than cloning it or creating a VIDEO_TS folder, select “clone DVD to ISO” from the left sidebar. On the resulted screen, select your Source DVD drive and in the Target ISO field, enter the path where you want the ISO image of source DVD to be created. If you don’t know the path, click “Save As” button which will open browse Window from where you can choose the path.

Copy DVD to VIDEO_TS Folder

This is an important feature which is hard to get in any other DVD management software. The feature allows you to copy DVD content in VIDEO_TS folder which keeps all the settings & menu intact. You can copy VIDEO_TS folder directly to flash drive to play the movie in TVs through USB. Creating a VIDEO_TS folder is also as easy as above features. Just click the “copy DVD to VIDEO_TS Folder” option and it will show the screen from where you can add source DVD, provide a path of VIDEO_TS.

DVD Title Backup Process

If you need to copy just as small section of DVD such as a Chapter and Title but not the entire DVD then WinX DVD Copy PRO will let you do this. Copy all your DVD content to single MPEG-2 File to play it on Xbox, Wii, TV, etc., you can copy DVD content but title or chapters selectively or if you are in need to extract just audio or video, it is possible in just one or two steps.

To perform any of these operations, click the desired option from the left sidebar and on the resulted window, you’ll have the option to select and pick desired data from your DVD.

Add-on Tools

ISO-Mounter and DVD Burner, the two very important tools which are provided for free through the software. You can access any of them from the left sidebar’s Tools section. The ISO mounter is capable to mount any number of ISO files simultaneously. This feature is missing in even many dedicated ISO mounting software.

And, the DVD burner burns DVD at insanely fast speed while keeping all the content entirely safe. Choose an ISO image of the DVD folder to write on your DVD. If you want, you can manually configure DVD writing speed and whether you want to verify data after it has been written on the disk or not.

WinX DVD Copy Pro eliminates the need for two other important software too. Once you use it, you neither have to buy any ISO mounter nor a DVD burning tool. Hence, both money and computer’s resources will be saved.

Final Words

With all the features and tools this DVD backup software is providing, WinX DVD Copy PRO software is a highly efficient software for all your DVD backup & recovery tasks. You can try the software for free but if you have serious DVD backup requirements and if you want to unlock all the above features then you can buy the software for $59.95.

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