Chase Mobile – Your All in One Personal Accounting App for Mobile [Review]

Our lives have become much easier these days. Among the numerous reasons, technology can be enlisted as one and on the top. We can manage easily our busy life schedules and pending work side by, thanks to the internet. Loaded up with too much work and too less time has taught us how to make the best out of every resource. Among many of our daily chores which we do via applications, banking has also become an important one. Many people used to hesitate to do bank related stuff online, but as time has changed and apps are updated with security check, maximum people get there bank work done via app only.

Chase is one such app which allows you to do so many things through the app only. You might want to check on your transactions or current promotions while you are out on a trip with your family. Well, this app can be your savior. Just a few taps and you can do banking activities starting from checking balance, depositing the check, pay credit card bills, electricity bills, pay your friends, request money and what not.

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The interface is user-friendly so you do not need to be tech savvy to use the app. Here a few other explicit details you need to know about the Chase banking app:

How to Use Chase Mobile App?

To use the app, you must have pre-enrolment with chase online. Visit their website and go through the login section. After creating a login id and password you can use the app on your mobile.

During your first log in from your mobile app, you need to specify your chase account and generate a pin. This pin generation is a part of their multifactor authentication. Another good thing about the app is android, as well as iPhone users, can use the app. They recently updated their app for android users. The new update comes with a clean display and if you have your GPS switched on, the background updates itself with pictures of your locality. The new update has an additional navigation bar which was previously not there.

Download Chase Mobile app for Android or iPhone.

Many people who doubt the security of these kinds of mobile apps can be at peace because this app logs out itself automatically when not used for 12 minutes. In this way, even if your phone is with someone else for certain reasons, your banking details, as well as your money, is secure. Also, the app has a 128-bit encryption mechanism for the security of your texts, data. Chase does not keep your financial data in your phone, protecting those from the other applications which might use them.

Get Important Account Alerts

There is another great feature for receiving alerts related to your bank account from the chase app available in your mobile. To enable that option, go to the ‘alerts’ button from the navigation menu. You can then select the account you want alerts for, from the ‘manage alerts’ option. Now you have to let the Chase app know when do you need the alerts. For example, you can ask the app to notify when your account balance falls down to $200 or whenever any new deposit takes place. Also, there are other additional options for credit cards. The secure message center stores those messages for you.

Chase Card

Chase Mobile App Features

Chase app takes out the headache of handling multiple bank accounts and provide an all in one solution to monitor all your transactions, balance, history and many other important things by the means of one single app. Here are some of the most amazing reasons

Quick Deposit – Through the quick deposit option available in Chase app, you can easily use the app for check deposits. To go ahead with the process, just click a picture of the check and write the amount to make the deposit to your savings or checking account.

Pay Bills – You can also pay bills as referred to earlier. Before installing the app, when you create the login id in their official site, you need to enroll your account with the Chase Online Bill Pay. Once you have set up the options, the app lets you pay bills in simple steps.

Chase QuickPay – There is an option named Chase Quickpay. The service offers you to pay money to anyone if you have their email id or mobile number. They need to have the Quickpay account or they can create the account once you have made the payment to them.

Chase for iPhone

Money Transfer – Transfer money from one account to other in very simple steps. Chase lets you send your money from one of your accounts to the other one. Moving money has never been this simple.

Wire Transfer – You can wire money through Chase app. This app lets you wire money to a non-chase account, or from a non-chase account. Service for one and all.

Easy to Use – You might have queries about the app when you are going to use it for the first time. For customer satisfaction, there is a FAQ option which can answer any general query regarding the app. The FAQ option comes under connect with chase button. Connect with chase also allows you to locate ATMs or bank branches when you are in need, that too under very few simple steps.

Easy for setting up regular debts with just one transfer. Also, you can cancel any pending transfer, whenever you want, all through this one app.

With over 4.6 stars ratings out of 5 in both apple store and Google pay, this app is highly appreciated by its users for the number of amazing services it provides. The app is perfect for the people who are always on the go, because you would not require to go to the bank anymore, even for depositing a check.

Chase App Ratings

Keep a track of every transaction, and the alerts of low balance would never allow you to mess up your financial records, even in your busy schedule. Help your friends in need with a wire transfer, send money anywhere in the world. The security measures taken by the app are incredibly reliable. So no need to worry about your banking details being misused.

Locate chase branches, ATMs with few taps. With the appealing background and easy to handle interface, soothe your eyes while making transactions and I promise you would not feel bored. Even after the FAQs if you need any help, just go ahead contacting the super helpful customer service of Chase which is available 24X7, 365 Days a year.

So, don’t wait, go ahead and download Chase Mobile banking app and manage your several bank accounts with ease.

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