Do Children Become Smarter Because of the Internet?

In the modern world innovation and technology are almost everywhere. The World Wide Web has already taken a big part of our lives. Nearly everything we do in our day to day lives has to do with the computer or a few sort of innovation in one way or another. Children begin to use innovation at a younger age than it was a few decades ago.

There are many children with the smartphones or iPods which they utilize day by day. So, there is a question: are children apathetic or more socialized now? With children of all ages using the web every day, are they learning and developing or simply using it to socialize with other kids and waste their time?

The question “are children smarter because of the Internet?” bothers both their parents and scientists. There are a lot of theories about pros and cons of children’s surfing the Web. Some people say we should exclude the Internet at the very young age, and others claim that it raises genial children. So, where does the truth lie?

 The Main Advantages of Children’s Internet Usage:

  • Good results at school. The Internet is a huge source of information with a free access to it. This way children are able to do their best at school if they google some important information.
  • Answers to the questions nobody knows. Instead of asking parents about something they may not know, a child can google it.
  • Communication and acquiring friends. Social networks are helpful tools in developing children’s communication skills.
  • Better preparedness for the adult life. All the news on the Internet, informative videos and sources help a child to understand more and more of some adult life issues.
  • Similarly, it expands the view of the world.
  • Reading sooner and better is also the advantage.
  • Even such simple activity as emailing improves writing skills.
  • Downloading some films to watch with the family can also be regarded as an activity.
  • The development of the creativity. The network allows everyone to express his- or herself.
  • An ability to talk to people anywhere in the world and, at the same time, develop intercultural communication.

Admit the Existing Disadvantages as Well

Some drawbacks to the Internet use by children may scare the parents and the society as a whole but they are not inevitable, though. The contradicting fact is that children may not be more brilliant or socialized because of the web.

Data is out and parents stress that it is not a secure learning network since there are blogs and sites full of suppositions and deception. Instead of doing homework on a sheet of paper, children just google the questions for the reply. The web is nothing but help for those who cannot reply to questions themselves.

The web causes children’s apathy and it does not make children more diligent. The Web does give information, but children just surf the net or play online games instead. The web gives children the opportunity to memorize certain subjects that are free and simple to get to, but they don’t use it. Children end up being more addicted to the web.

Being more intelligent is not about learning data, it is the capacity to confront different challenges in various circumstances, and the web does not teach them to solve their issues on their own. Children have become dependent on the network which makes them to certain extent thoughtless. The web has as well numerous distractions and in most cases it consumes time.

Moreover, in the Internet, children risk socializing with criminals and nobody can control that.

The web impacts character of the children as well. Many children depend on their electronic devices and they use them more often than go playing outside and communicating with one another.

Of course, there are some kids hanging out, but they are on their phones texting instead of talking to each other. Children also become angry if they experience a refuse from technology.

What Are the Consequences?

The network is growing day by day and children should learn how to use its advantages. Children depend more on the web as they get the access to it at a very young age. The Internet is everywhere and we need to adjust to that fact. A two-year-old kid can take a smartphone and get to the web or get to a computer and play an online game.

On the one hand, when innovation develops, children got to be more intelligent since their interest makes them look for data. On the other hand, a lot of threats exist. Creating online safe environment is vital as it will form the future where childhood will be safe.

Pursuing MCA from the University of Delhi, Saurabh Saha is an experienced blogger and internet marketer. Through his popular technology blogs: TechGYD.COM &, he is helping several brands to gain exposure in front of high-quality web visitors.