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On May 25, 2020
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No matter how secure our devices are, which antivirus software we have installed or how carefully we handle important files on our laptops, those files are never 100% safe in your PC. Some smarter people have realized it and took actions proactively but for people like me, it took a major hard-disk crash, system hack or loss of important project reports to finally realize this simple fact. Yes, I lost all my animation project files when my Windows crashed abruptly last Friday and even after countless attempts I was never able to recover them. 🙁

All your Word Docs, Multimedia files, Pictures, Presentations, Excel Reports, Projects, Text files, and even backups are never safe while they are stored offline in your PC. Why? Because, they are prone to get lost, hacked or deleted due to system crash, power cut, cyberattacks such as ransomware hack, viruses, human errors, natural disasters and as simple as normal software or system updates.

Computer Crash

The only way to protect your important files from all these incidents is to use a cloud backup service. However, not all cloud backup services are good or affordable enough to use for all your data. So, Cyclonis Backup is an online cloud backup service I strongly recommend after trying several cloud backup services when it comes to data security, ease of use, capabilities, and affordability.

Let’s see why I advocate Cyclonis Backup over any other cloud backup service and top reasons for why you should also start using it from today!

Cyclonis Online Cloud Backup Service

Cyclonis Backup is a very easy-to-use data backup and recovery service which uses online ultra-secure servers rather than your computer’s hard-disk to store and sync your important files. Available for both Windows and Mac operating systems, this cloud backup service allows you to connect multiple devices (office PC, office desktop, home PC, home desktop, family computer, etc.) and save data partially or fully on online cloud servers automatically.

Not only this, Cyclonis keeps unlimited versions of all those files that you chose to backup which helps a lot if the latest version of your file is corrupted, hacked of having some virus infection inside it as you’ll be able to restore a clean copy of the same file that was synced earlier.

Top Features of Cyclonis Backup

Cyclonis Backup has countless important features which make this software your all-in-one fallback plan whenever any issue arises with your system or important files in your PC.

Backup Wizard

As soon as you install Cyclonis Backup in your system and run the program for the first time, it shows “Cyclonis Backup Setup Wizard” which shows options to either Automatically or Manually select files & folders for backup. Advanced users can go with a Custom backup option but choosing Automatic option here removes hassle to browse through your system and select files/folder manually. It scans your whole system automatically to categorize and create a backup of important files & folders.

Backup Wizard

Ease of Use

Cyclonis Backup doesn’t need many settings to work as intended. Even if you chose the Manual mode above, it will just take 2 more steps and the software will start working like you wanted.

Step 1 – Browse & navigate your system through the software. Select all those files & folders which you want to store on Cyclonis backup by ticking the checkbox provided in front of each of them.

Cyclonis Backup Select Files

Step 2 – Now, once you’ve selected all files & folders inside the software, click the “Start Backup” button available at bottom-right corner of the software screen. Cyclonic backup will automatically start uploading all the files & folders to its secure online server.

Uploading Files

Now, all these files & folders are safe. They will automatically get synced. If you want, you can also browse them online on Cyclonic Backup website, from there, check files from multiple devices that you’ve connected and also delete/download them when required.

Cyclonis Backup Online

Encrypted Online Storage

Cyclonis Backup uses military-grade ultra-secure cloud servers with AES-256 data encryption security to store your files online which is totally hack-proof and considered as the strongest encryption technology. So, you never have to worry about data breach or loss of your important files because of hackers.

Freemium Features

For casual users, Cyclonic Backup offers FREE plan with a limit of 2GB cloud data storage which is good for testing or if you have very few important files on your system. Even if your usage increase, plans start from as small as $7/month for 500GB data storage limit. Bigger plans are even more cost-effective.

Cyclonic Backup Plans

Final Words

Cyclonic Backup is the best solution for casual, regular as well as power users who want to keep any or all of there computer’s files safe. Due to so many features, the software provides and at such affordable cost, it is a perfect solution to keep your data secure.

Syncing Cyclonic Backup

So, I suggest you to download Cyclonic Backup and test it out according to your need. I am sure, you will love the features and increased level of security this amazing cloud backup solution adds to your life.

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