Essay Writing Skills: Improvement Guide for University and College Students 

Entering a higher educational establishment, you will deal with a variety of tasks and one of them is academic writing. At a glimpse, this is a simple task but when it comes to action, university or college students face a bunch of bafflements. In very deed, they lack experience in this area and simply have not the foggiest idea what tips to use to make their essays better.

Nevertheless, you can easily master the academic writing style. Our site in collaboration with, prepared several valuable pieces of advice which will permit colleges to understand what mistakes they make and how to guard against them. You will also learn the basic principles which will help you avoid difficulties with this task and create high-quality papers even when the time is an issue for you.

1. You should know the language well enough to do this task

You use the everyday language while talking to your friends, kinsfolk or affiliates. You don’t experience any difficulties with English. Nevertheless, the academic writing style doesn’t have the same rules as the informal speech has. You can’t write your essay using slang or jargon. You need to have a solid understanding of the basic rules of grammar and punctuation. All sentences should be well-formed in accord with the grammar rules.

You shouldn’t also forget about the rules of pronouns, article usage, and punctuation. At a glance, these mistakes seem to be inconspicuous but they can influence your future grade. If an essay is full of grammar, punctuation or lexical mistakes, you will not receive an A-grade (even if the topic is covered).

You should also avoid the use of passive voice. If it is possible, you should try to paraphrase the sentences and use the active voice.

In current times, there is a bunch of online tools which can analyze the text online. They don’t show all mistakes but they will help you check how often you use the passive voice, how many adverbs your text comprise and how many long sentences your great essay has.

2. Always create an outline

The creation of a basic outline is the main formula for success. Firstly, you will organize your thoughts and finalize a thesis statement. Secondly, it will be easier for you to group your thoughts and organize all ideas. Sometimes, students have a variety of ideas which they want to add in an essay but they have no understanding of how to keep them in order. An outline is a fair opportunity to do this!

How to do this? You should take a piece of paper and write down what ideas can cover the chosen subject area. Any essay comprises the following elements:

  • An introductory part and a thesis statement
  • Body Paragraphs
  • Concluding part

Creating an outline, you should decide what particular ideas you wish to add to the body paragraphs. When you embark on writing, it will be easier to follow this plan.

3. Create an attractive introduction

While writing an essay, you should also bear in mind that your key objective is not just to cover the topic but to attract the audience as well. Otherwise stated, you should get into their ears, but how to do this? There are several cool techniques which will help you meet this challenge:

  • Find a witticism or anecdote which is related to your subject.
  • Use stunning facts.
  • Find the statistics data which will help amaze the audience.
  • Start with a question or provocative phrases

One of these techniques will help you invite attention to your essay. It was proved that the majority of readers don’t read more than several sentences. For that reason, your overarching priority is to make them read it until the end. A catching and interesting introduction is the principal thing which can help you do this.

4. Never ignore proofreading

Some students hate writing essays and prefer submitting it almost immediately after they write it. Nevertheless, they submit an essay with an awful lot of mistakes. On that score, if you are a target-oriented student, who really wants to enhance writing skills, you should be more attentive. When you consider your essay is ready, you should have a rest. After that, please, read your essay twice or thrice. You’ll find an awful lot of mistakes. You’ll have a desire to paraphrase sentences in order to make them sound better.

If your key aim is to write a perfect essay, you shouldn’t neglect this stage. Sometimes, colleges read essays once and again but they can’t notice some mistakes. If this situation is well familiar to you, you can employ the services of proofreading companies.

5. Write a decent conclusion

In some instances, students overlook this aspect considering it to be less important. A concluding part has its own role – its key mission is to tie your research and once again prove your thesis statement. Thus, you should make it short and concise. Just repeat once again the information you added in your introduction (but don’t copy)! Even if you forgot to mention some ideas, you shouldn’t add them to this part.

Using these simple techniques, you won’t face any difficulties with essay writing. At a glance, the academic writing style is difficult for understanding but that is not true! You just need to try to gain insight into this area and you’ll understand everything!

Pursuing MCA from the University of Delhi, Saurabh Saha is an experienced blogger and internet marketer. Through his popular technology blogs: TechGYD.COM &, he is helping several brands to gain exposure in front of high-quality web visitors.