Eyelash Extension Supplies Guide

Having the best eyelash extension starts with working with the right supplies. So, if you are a lash artist, think about working with the best supplier. Look for suppliers who offer quality products. On those lines, here are a quick guide to partnering with the right eyelash extension suppliers.



Lash Adhesive

For those who’re fond of fashion, lash adhesive is a must-have. Black and clear eyelash extension adhesives are the most common types of glue. Most ladies prefer black eyelash extensions. So, if you’re one of them, be sure to choose a black adhesive. It’s stylish and will give you the perfect look.

Clear eyelash extension adhesives, on the other hand, are an incredible option for those who want brown or colored eyelashes. With clear adhesives, a seamless bond is created between the eyelash extension and your natural lash.

Fast Drying Time

Always choose a fast-drying adhesive. Make sure that the lash glue you purchase dries in less than two seconds. This will allow you to work really fast. However, if you’re still a newbie, stay away from it. You might not be able to move swiftly enough to attach the extension to the natural lash.

Medium Drying Time

Medium lash adhesive is loved by many. First, it dries up super-fast. Second, it’s easy to use. This fast-drying glue takes around one second. So, if you need a one-second drying eyelash, think medium lash drying. So, if you are an artist and want to work on speed, think medium drying lash based glue.

Slow Drying Time

Another big option is the slow drying time. This option comes with fewer chemicals. This means that if you are allergic to chemicals, this is an option for you. This option is normally a sensitive glue.

Different Types of Eyelash Extensions

It’s important to select the right eyelash extension. Remember, the market has several options. So, doing your research extensively is very important. The styles out there are plenty. However, you need to base your decision on these factors:

  • The curl
  • The thickness of the eyelash extension
  • The length of the lash

Mink, Silk, and Synthetic Lashes

Mink lashes are silk in nature. They come from silkworms. In the eyes of people, they look stylish. However, in a real sense, they may look fake than their synthetic lashes. They are too shiny, which concentrates the attraction around the eyes. Thus, it’s advisable to go for a semi-matte based finish on the synthetic lashes. It will make the lash lines denser. Plus, it makes them look more natural. It’s also important to note that synthetic lashes are designed to hold curls. According to experts, if you need something natural, go for synthetic lashes. They will make you look glorious. Make a wise decision and stay stylish.

The Bottom-Line

The above tips and tricks are all you need to work with high-quality eyelash extension suppliers. From lash adhesive to understanding different lash extensions—these tips are sure to help you up to your eyelash extension game. Purchase the right eyelash extension products and deliver high-quality services.

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