10 Famous People Who Have Invested In Crypto

The value of cryptocurrency is rising so does its power 2020 was an excellent year for Crypto, and 2021 was even better. The value of the cryptocurrency has come close to $50,000, which is an enthralling value, and it is a price that has never been researched before.

Millions of investors have invested in cryptocurrency, and there is no doubt that the number is still rising, thanks to safe crypto trading platforms like bitcoinprofit-no.com. Speaking of the investors, you can look over some renowned investors who have invested in Crypto. Before moving forward, you will learn why investing in Crypto is crucial.

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Why do people invest in Crypto?

Undoubtedly, cryptocurrency has been exceptional growth, and it is the best and most unique way to diversify your portfolio. The simple answer to why people invest n crypto is because they want to make money.

Cryptocurrency has become extremely popular, and that is because of its transaction speed & cost, accessibility, security, privacy, transparency, diversification, and inflation protection.

Famous people who have invested in Crypto

Most people are unfamiliar that many famous people have invested in Crypto. Here is a list of famous people who have invested their money in Crypto.

Elon Musk

You may have seen Elon Musk mocking cryptocurrency on Twitter, but you will be surprised to know that this Tesla king is a well-known figure in the Bitcoin community and one of the most powerful ones one finds in the crypto world. But things got on the loose in 2021 when he added #BITCOIN to his Twitter account, which increased the price by 25%. Plus, his firm also purchased about $1.5 billion in Bitcoin.

Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Square and Twitter, is a passionate Bitcoin supporter. His enthusiasm for Crypto started in 2017, and he began campaigning for the King coin. Even though the cryptocurrency crashed in 2018, he remained determined and described Bitcoin as the currency of the next world. He started investing in Crypto in 2019 and invested several thousand dollars.

Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban is the Dallas Mavericks owner and a billionaire with a sweet and sour relationship with Bitcoin. He suggested that they invest about 10% in Crypto, but later, he explained that he would purchase bananas instead, not Bitcoin.

Snoop Dogg

The journey of Snoop Dogg began in 2012 when the value of Bitcoin was in the infancy stage. With the help of Bitcoin only, he made it possible to make his song available for purchase. Each poster costs about 0.3 bitcoin, around $14000 in the current Bitcoin value.

There have not so many CDs that have sold, and also, how much BTC he has is still unknown.

Mike Tyson

You may know about Mike Tyson, a famous professional boxer and social media celebrity. It is one of the first celebrities to recognize how fantastic Bitcoin is. Mike was glad to be a part of the digital revolution and wanted to collaborate with the ATM maker of Bitcoin and even faced their tattoo on the machine.

Richard Branson

Richard Branson is a British businessman and the owner of the Virgin Group. Bransom participated in the $30 million financing round led by BitPlay, which is the payment processing network, in 2014. He did not reveal the position or the Bitcoin amount which he holds. However, he said that he is familiar with the possible advantage they can get from Bitcoin advances.

Lionel Messi

Who does not know about Lionel Messi, one of the best players of all time? He has not just generated magic on the field with their goals but is also well-versed in blockchain technology. He has enthusiasm for the blockchain after the Instagram post. After that, several individuals had different perspectives on blockchain technology.

Ashton Kutcher

Ashon Kutcher is a well-known Hollywood actor who is also a supporter of blockchain technology. Some people look up to Kutcher as their role model and may engage in Bitcoin investment.

Steven Seagal

The actor and aikido martial arts instructor has become one of the well-known figures in the cryptocurrency world. In 2020, he changed for ‘unlawfully promoting’ the Bitcoin rival.

Maisie Williams

The last person on the list is Maisie Williams, who has played Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones and joined the Bitcoin community in 2020. She has asked his Twitter followers for guidance on acquiring them. On the post, she received the bulk of answers that advised her not to, and she went ahead and did it anyway.

Final Words

All these well-known figures have invested in Bitcoin, which looks well underway. It does not matter for how long the value is going to be the same but as soon as the economy stabilizes, crypto will be one of the fastest ones get its value back.

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