Free Download Unlimited Songs Using These 10 Mp3 Music Downloader Apps for Android

If you are a music lover, there is not only a specific list of songs that you always listen. You might take some time trying to explore newly released songs, mp3 albums and sometimes old forgotten music list to know many amazing songs which were earlier hidden from your reach. That’s ok to do this research by using online mp3 sites or music apps which allow you to listen songs without downloading.

But, once you’ve decided a song, there is no mean to only bookmark it online in your music app, especially when you have limited internet data. If the song is online, you always need to use your expensive mobile data to listen to the song. The smart method is to download mp3 of your desired song so that you can listen it offline using your phone’s mp3 player anytime without using internet.

mp3 music downloaders

So today, I am telling you 10 android music downloader apps which will allow you to download unlimited songs for free. All of these music downloaders are amazing but slightly different in features, quality, varieties, etc. which I am covering below along with the music downloaders link in their description.

1. Wynk Music: MP3 & Hindi songs

Wynk is a widely popular music streaming app which also allows you to download unlimited free music mp3 from its huge database. The music downloader app has songs for your every mood. Instrumentals, Reprise, Hip-Hop, DJ versions of songs are also available in Wynk Music downloader’s directory. Listen or download millions of mp3 songs only by searching it through the app.

2. Music Maniac MP3 Downloader

Music Maniac is a simple light-weighted app which allows you to download tons of MP3s of songs directly to your Android device so that you can listen to them without needing an internet connection. The interface of this music downloader android app is quite simple and straight forward. Install & open the app and in the search-box provided inside Music Maniac, you can search songs by Title, Artist, Album, etc.

Music Maniac Music Downloader Android

3. SuperCloud Song Mp3 Downloader

SuperCloud is another cool app to provide free mp3 music download feature to your android. Similar to Music Maniac, it also provide the search-bar to search desired song by title, artist, album etc. but additionally, it provides you to stream music and listen songs online. You can listen any desired song online and if satisfied, you can download it for free with album art, cover art, etc.

SuperCloud Song Mp3 Downloader Android

4. Simple Mp3 Downloader

Simple Mp3 Downloader is not officially available at Google Play but it is available via other third-party app store. The android music downloader app connects you via a mp3 database which has tons of mp3 songs in it. So, just search and for every song, you will find its original as well as remix mp3. Download unlimited mp3 songs for free in android. And, whenever you want to listen your downloader songs, you can do this inside Simple Mp3 Downloader as it provides built-in mp3 player too.

Simple Mp3 Downloader

5. 4Shared Music Downloads

4Shared is one of the most popular file-sharing network which allows you to share and free download Files, eBooks, Images, Music MP3, etc. With its android app, you can also enjoy sharing & downloading these files and if you want to download free songs mp3, tap the 4shared search box and choose “music” inside the app. Now, search any music by title, album, artist or even year of release, 4Shared Music filter will show you all the search results from its cloud server which always contains desired song mp3 file that you can download for free.

4Shared Music

6. TubeMate – Free Mp3 & Videos Downloads

TubeMate is favorite app for users who wants to download music & videos from video sharing sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook, etc. You can extract & download video or audio (in many qualities) from any video URL from the supported sites. This multimedia downloader android app is used by millions of users to download unlimited songs & videos from YouTube. As, YouTube always has official music video released for any popular song, you can paste your desired music video’s URL in TubeMate to extract its MP3.

TubeMate YouTube Downloader

7. iTube Music Mp3 Download

iTube Mp3 Music Downloader is a great app to download legal songs which are available under Copyleft and CC license. The app’s database is huge and it allows you to stream music, listen mp3 online and download it for free. You can see all previously downloaded songs and play them directly from iTube Music Player too which comes built-in with this music downloader.

iTube Cvr

8. Mp3 Music Downloader

If you are not using any mp3 music downloader for your android then tell me how you usually search and download songs in your Android phone? By searching it on google? But, searching & downloading songs using Google is tricky as there are lots of fake/scam sites which don’t provide MP3, instead they serve annoying ads and force you to download anonymous apps in your phone.

So, Mp3 Music Downloader is an intelligent app which allows you to search MP3 files as you do on Google and using its advanced filters, it shows only those search results which actually have your desired music mp3 file to download.
Mp3 Music Download Android

9. Free Mp3 Downloads

Free Mp3 Downloads App is a very popular music app available at Google Play store which allows you to download and listen free songs. The app allows you to download any latest song from its huge database of license-free mp3 files. You can also listen all songs available in your device with this app. So, it can be used as a music player too.

Free Mp3 Downloads Android App

10. Music Download Paradise

Music Download Paradise for Android provides from high-quality mp3 songs to short clip videos. So, its like a full entertainment pack for your Android where you can search and download unlimited songs directly via your phone or when in mood, watch funny clips/videos, download and share it with your friends.

Music Paradise

There are lots of other apps available for android to download & listen music but most of them provides very limited number of mp3 songs download for free and many others are fake or broken. These top 10 apps are the music downloaders which we have personally tried any verified if they are providing music mp3 download to android for free or not.

So, choose any of the above music downloader android apps according to your requirement and you’ll be able to listen and download unlimited songs mp3 for free.

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