How to Get a Better Deep Sleep and Wake Up Fully Refreshed

Today, everyone is doing their best and putting their best efforts to get successful. And, undoubtedly they are improving & moving ahead but this passion has minimized the time for their rest to the lowest minimum.

This busy and stressful life, deadlines, future planning, relationships, money-related problems occupies our mind in these peaceful hours of sleep. That’s why more than half of the people all around the world are suffering from insomnia and other sleep-related health problems. The problem is worse than it appears. Lack of sleep triggers a lot of bad things in our body.

While a good sleep can make you feel refreshed, boost your metabolism, improve functions of heart, brain, and other body parts, make you more creative, reflexive & fast, sharpen your focus and attention skills, increase memory, keep you positive and overall help you in becoming more productive person, a bad or insufficient sleep can put adverse effect on your health. Many people understand it very well and so, either they start taking sleeping pills or register themselves for sleep therapy. Some others might try alternative remedies such as CBD oil or other natural options – Get familiar with Cannabidiol (CBD) on

Taking sleeping pills may solve your insomnia temporary but it can create health issues in the long-run. Moreover, meditation or sleeping therapy don’t show any recognizable effect quickly. So, what if I tell you there is a way to improve your sleep instantly without taking any pill or sleep therapy? Unbelievable? Well, fortunately, it is not. Rythm, a neurotechnology company has come out with a revolutionary product Dreem which will help you treat insomnia and other sleep problems. It guarantees a deep and sound sleep throughout the night without sleeping pills.

In their own words, “Dreem is a pioneering sleep solution that monitors, analyzes, and acts on your brain to enhance your sleep.” But What is Dreem? How does it work? And, exactly how it’s going to enhance the sleep? Let’s know the answer to all these important questions.

What is Dreem?

Dreem is an active light weight wearable which is designed to improve the quality of sleep for its users. The wearable gadget is a combination of Rythm’s proprietary hardware & software solution and the result of years of research, development, and experience in the field of neuroscience in the form of a wearable headband. Unlike any other sleeping solution or gadget which promises to give you a sound sleep but end up in just tracking your sleeping time, heart-rate, temperature, blood pressure, etc.

Unlike any other sleeping solution or gadget which promises to give you a sound sleep but ends up just tracking your sleeping time, heart-rate, temperature, blood pressure, etc.  Dreem goes beyond these basic monitoring features to actually influence user’s behavior to provide a deep sleep.

Friends, take note, Dreem is not just a sleep tracking device, it is a sleep inducing device.

Dreem brings numerous sensors including electroencephalogram (EEG) to monitor and analyze brain’s electrical activity in real time.

The Dreem headband uses proprietary sensors to track brain waves safely and monitors it with Rythm’s sophisticated algorithms and mobile apps to analyze brainwaves during the sleep in real time. When sleepers exhibit brain activity indicating they are in deep sleep, the headband stimulates sound via its bone conduction technology directly through sleepers’ inner ears to enhance the quality of deep sleep.

With the boost in the quality of deep sleep using Dreem headband, users have shown improvements in both cognitive and physical performance throughout the day.

Benefits of Dreem Headband

In the above section, we discussed what is Dreem and how it works. Dreem has already left all other sleeping solutions and gadgets behind with its effectiveness. There are various underneath benefits about the Dreem headband which you should know to understand how essential this wearable gadget is for getting sound sleep.

Fall Asleep Faster

Dreem uses scientific methods to accelerate the process of falling asleep. It synchronizes user’s heart rate and breathing frequency to bring them down to the level conducive to the sleep. The headband also aids falling asleep with meditation-based “Flow” feature which has shown the decrease in sleep onset by up to 30%.

Get Deeper Sleep

A deep sleep (also known as slow-wave sleep) is responsible for many important physiological functions like hormone regulation, cellular regeneration, and memory consolidation. So, rather than getting a long sleep, it’s important to get a high-quality deep sleep. And, Dreem is mainly designed to boost the quality of your deep sleep. With sound stimulation that synchronizes with your brain activity, Dreem enhances the quality of deep sleep by up to 31%.

deep sleep graph

Wake Up Refreshed

Waking up properly is also important to feel refresh. Have you ever felt a headache or mood swing even after getting a good sleep just because your alarm clock or someone woke you up abruptly? Dreem ensures that the sleeper not only gets deeper sleep but also wakes up properly to avoid sleep inertia. Set a personalized alarm clock in Dreem wearable and it will wake you up in the lighter stages of your sleep. This is only possible because Dreem is continuously monitoring your brain’s activities and sleep cycle.

Dreem Girl Sleeping

Monitor Your Sleep

You can go through Dreem app to explore the landscapes of your night’s sleep. Dreem app will show easy to understand metrics and graphs with clinical grade accuracy of the headband to let you know how good your sleep was. You can personalize insights, make them simple & easy to understand. The Dreem app has machine learning algorithms which evolve insights constantly by understanding your daily activities and sleeping habits.

dreem app

Features of Dreem Wearable Headband

The simple-looking headband holds many important and highly-advanced features which all together help provide quality sleep far beyond the expectations. Some of the many important features of Dreem wearable headband are as follows –

  • Dreem headband is lightweight, sleek and soft, padded with foam and fabrics to provide you a comfortable wear without any pressure or discomfort.
  • Embedded electronics include micro sensors to track all your sleep activities including monitoring, tracking and influence to be housed in your device.
  • The World’s Best Alarm Clock – Dreem features world’s most polite alarm clock which allows you to set up a wake up time but wakes you up at or slightly before that time when you are in light stages of sleep to avoid sleep inertia. A happy start of the day.
  • The simple and intuitive app which tracks all your brain waves in real time, shows it inside the app in intuitive metrics and visual graphs. Anyone can easily use this app, no special skills required. You can personalize it to show those reports which are important to you.
  • Dreem headband uses bone conduction technology which transmits non-invasive sound without ear plugs and gently stimulates the brain to stay in deep sleep.
  • Wireless design for comfort and ease of use.

Performance of Dreem Wearable Headband

Though Dreem headband was launched just 2 months ago but research in this field and towards the gadget has been happening since 2013.

Dreem has been tried and tested by a diverse community of users from normal person to sportsperson to neuroscientists to validate Dreem.

Here are testimonials and reviews from some of those users:

Moreover, Rythm selected 500 volunteers from over 7,000 applications to test the effectiveness of Dreem headband precisely and this is the result they’ve found by allowing volunteers to use Dreem headband regularly:

Dreem has shown significant improvement in deep sleep quality for users of all age group, diversified schedule and different fields. Even in a restricted environment and small sleep time, the efficiency of Dreem headband is astonishing. Not only it helps its users to sleep better but it also keeps them refreshed & motivated throughout the day.

Pricing & Availability

Dreem headband will start shipping in fall 2017 with a marketed price of $499 but the wearable is available to pre-order now at $399 only. The pre-order price is valid for a limited time only. People are hurrying to grab Dreem at the discounted price.

It comes with a 30-days free return & 1-year warranty. No need to worry even if you don’t like it later because Rythm has got you covered. I have already ordered one for my Grandma who has a little trouble getting asleep these days.

I can assure you that once you have started using this sleep solution, you won’t even thinking about going to sleep without Dreem headband because with this wearable the dream of getting a deep & refreshing sleep is a piece of cake.

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