How to Compress MP4 videos?

Many times the big size of videos being stored in our devices comes into the picture, and people wanted to know the ways, by which they wish to compress different video formats. Is the size the only issue with them or there can be other problems as well that can allow you to know why to compress videos and especially the MP4 format.

If you want to share one of the MP4 files will your loved ones, it becomes difficult as it does require a lot of time and reducing the size of the same is the only feasible option left for you.

If you are looking for a smartphone and have a small screen and look for playing MP4 videos, you have to look for video resolution that can compress your files to fit them as per your mobile screen. The big MP4 file will never be able to display on the phone and will surely hamper your experience of watching high-resolution videos.

Wondershare Uniconverter

But, I was quite unaware of the same, when I was looking for one of the solutions for a file which I was required to send to my son. It was one of his birthday videos at home, and he wants me to send him via email so that he can share with his friends and colleagues. I thought it was quite simple to do, but when I opened my email and started attaching the same, I find that it was taking hours to upload. I waited for hours, but still, there was no response, so I started looking for solutions for the same. As many applications can transfer the videos within minutes, but the quality is not retained in them.

Looking for the best options for compressing MP4 format videos will be useful as you can use the videos with their quality intact and they are transferred within minutes to the other end. This is the reason why I have chosen the Wondershare UniConverter for compressing my MP4 videos and sending them to my loved ones.


How to compress MP4 videos with online UniConverter?

If you are looking for one of the best solutions for reducing MP4 file without installing and downloading of software, the online UniConverter is one of the best choices. The online video converter and compressor can allow you to compress the MP4 file with different formats, video resolution, and customized file size without any ads and watermarks.

Let’s have a look at the below steps:

  1. Open online UniConverter on your browser and start adding videos for compressing. Now click on “+add videos” for adding MP4 files from your device.
  2. Add the MP4 video and choose the output size, format, and resolution as required.Convet to MP4
  3. Now click on compress tab for reducing MP4 file quickly. And after compressing you can download the file by clicking on the download button.

How to compress MP4 video by Wondershare UniConverter?

Download and install the Wondershare UniConverter on your device. Now click on the Add files tab to select the MP4 file you are looking for compressing. If you are looking for other option you can drag and drop the files to the software window as well.

Now click on the drop down icon for look for the option named as “convert all files to”. Now choose the MP4 formats from others to convert..

After you have chosen the video format look for the compress icon on your target tab. Clicking on the compress video will allow you to open the same and change the video resolution, quality, bitrate and size by dragging the progress bar. Now have a look at preview by clicking on the respective button. Once you are satisfied with the video resize click on “OK” button.

The video converter allows you to add multiple files and customize the compression setting for each one of them. Now finally hit on convert all button for batch compression of videos.

Difference between Online UniConverter and desktop UniConverter:

It depends upon the requirement of the user what he is looking for, as both the methods have its pros and cons. Let’s discuss them:

The online UniConverter is one of the best in serving individuals who at times require the compressing or conversion facility. The desktop UniConverter is the specialized software for professionals for the batches conversion or requires a heavy file size compression often.

There is a limit for compressing videos from online UniConverter, and it is about 100MB, for some, it can be enough while for others there can be some issues. For the desktop UniConverter, you can avail the benefit of unlimited conversion with the fastest speed. There is no size limit for them.

The online UniConverter are quick to use as it can be opened in any browser and start using ASAP. For desktop UniConverter, you need to download the software and install on your device.

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Bringing easy technology in the lap of users for bringing the best for them and allowing them to come upon with the hassle-free usage of videos in their operations. Explore their facilities to know the videos and their usage in a better way.

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