How to play Aviator on smartphones

The Aviator game, introduced by Spribe, is a thrilling and exciting casino game among players.  Whether you are a fan of casino games or love the vibes of video gaming, this game will be perfect for you. 

And, do you know the best thing about this game? You can enjoy this game with your smartphone using real money or no money. So here in this article, we will give you a detailed idea of how to play the Aviator game using your smartphone and the tips you need to follow to win big. 

Aviator on smartphones

Steps to follow with real money

  • Select a legitimate casino site: First, search for a casino that offers the Aviator game. Now check its review and select one that will suit you the best. 
  • Download the mobile app: Online casino sites that have Aviator games also offer a mobile app. Players can easily download it to their smartphones. After downloading it, they can create an account. 
  • Making your payment: To play Aviator, users have to make their first deposit into their casino account. Although the minimum deposit amount can differ based on the casino you are playing.
  • Start playing the game: After making your deposit, you can start playing the game. The game is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is click on the “bet” button when you want to place your bet. The plane will then start flying, and you will be the winner when you cash out before the plane crashes.

Tips to remember when playing Aviator on a smartphone

  • Go for small bets: Aviator is a risk-based game. So, it is better to start with small bets. This will be helpful for players to recover the losses if they lose a round. 
  • Apply double bet feature: With the double bet, you can double the number of active bets in the same round. This will give you more chances to cash out before the plane flies away. 
  • Check multipliers: When the plane flies higher, it will increase the multiplier. That means it will allow them to win big if players cash out later. However, if you wait long, the chance is the plane may fly away. 
  • Always stick to your budget: It is easy to get overwhelmed when you start winning. But it is important to fix your budget before you start playing this game and stick to it. This will help players avoid losing more money than they can afford. 
  • High-speed internet: In order to get the thrill and excitement of this game, you must use a high internet connection. Moreover, a stable internet connection is good for staying focused on the game so you can make the right decisions to play this real-time game. 


There is no doubt you will receive pure entertainment when you play this game using an Android or iOS smartphone. By following the steps mentioned, including choosing a legitimate online casino and applying the right gaming techniques, you can predict the flights and win some real money. The aviator game is available in virtual currency for newbies as well. 

Ranbeer Maver is a Computer Science undergraduate. He's a geek who embraces any new consumer technology with inhuman enthusiasm.