Increase Production Output with these 7 Best 3D Systems Software

3D Technology has made it possible to produce machinery, tools, and architecture of such designs which are highly efficient but were not possible to develop earlier. Not only this, with the help of 3D technology, 3D printer, and 3D systems, complicated machinery and time-consuming products can also be created.

Many industries have started using 3D technology in their product line and it has increased their output and efficiency up to 50%. This revolutionizing technology has minimized the human efforts multiple folds and the quality of products is coming out to be even better. So, if you haven’t, you should also start using 3D tech to improve production efficiency of your industry.

However, if you don’t know where to start, 3D Systems is the best place for you. To be precise, 3D Systems is the only company which is capable of fulfilling every 3D technology requirement in your industry. Whether you want 3D Printers, 3D Scanning System, 3D Modelling Software for Manufacturing industry or Healthcare services, 3D Systems services can handle everything.

Today, I am listing some of the top software & tools of 3D Systems that you can implement in your industry structure to increase production output.

3d additive manufacturing

1. Geomagic Design X

Geomagic Design X is an ultimate 3D can-to-CAD software which converts the physical object into digital data to the precision of a millimeter. It lets you scan any 3D object, obtain the details inside the software, change its structure, modify design, perform any design-based experiment, calculate its endurance and do almost everything that you will need to perform with a CAD tool with a simple interface to complete a product’s design and analysis phase.

2. Geomagic Control X

Geomagic Control X is an advanced metrology software. The software lets you create a product wisely by providing repeated inspection to every minor section, CAD-aware dimensioning, walk up inspection for live scanning and mapping of product. You can watch the outcome into multiple results systems which will provide the understanding. Pre-planned inspection with the device, precise pairing management and customizable reports and annotations help you create the perfect product with proper calculations.

3. Geomagic Freeform

Geomagic Freeform is here to give even your wildest imagination a perfect design. Here, you are limited by only your creativity, not by tools or software because Geomagic Freeform lets you create a design without any boundary. It doesn’t mean the product would be unfeasible because Geomagic Freeform provides you everything not only to create the desired design but also to validate it for the real world.

4. D2P

DICOM to PRINT (D2P) is a stand-alone modular software package which provides automatic segmentation tools to drastically minimize the efforts and time requirement of a digital patient-specific model. It consolidates your 3D model preparation steps and the single creation suite can support all model preparation steps. With D2P, you will be able to create 3D model in minutes, The automatic segmentation, auto model coloration, advanced editing tools let you create the required model. D2P supports CT, MR and CBCT imaging modalities. After finalizing the model, you can transfer its 3D files to 3D Printers, VR for further analysis and finalize the model.

5. Cimatron

Cimatron is the perfect software for increasing productivity in molds and tool designs. The software lets you analysis mold with complete freedom, provide tools measurement, cost consumption and allows you to create highly complex molds so easily that you won’t even need to write anything down for cross-checking. Cimatron cuts product cost, minimize time and lets you build products without any compromise. Watch this below video to see Cimatron in action.

6. GibbsCAM

GibbsCAM is one of the most popular tools from 3D Systems which lets you create from simple to most complex product. The capability of the software is verified by the fact that even the swiss luxury watch company Hublot uses GibbsCAM as their main program to design and analysis moving parts of their watches. GibbsCAM allows you to analyze products in 3-axis as well as 5-axis while also providing you the facility to edit the design, perform experiments and test its output. GibbsCAM facilitates proven machining strategies that increase program efficiency multiple times. It has a simple user interface with drag & drop tools, several editing and measurement tools that help you design the most complex products easily.

7. 3DXpert

3DXpert is an all-in-one additive manufacturing tool which facilitates every feature to let you prepare, optimize, and print quality parts in record time. If you have metal additive requirements then look nowhere else because 3DXpert manufactures 3D CAD Models smoothly from design to post-processing. Just import your data to the 3DXpert and from here, you can position & modify, create supports, optimize structures with thorough analysis, simulate build, optimize technology through precise calculations, calculate scan-paths, arrange and finally send your product to print.

Moreover, you can scan the resulted product for post-processing to check its efficiency or add even more creativity to your design.


3D Systems is providing these software and tools for manufacturing and healthcare industry from years. It has a large team of highly dedicated developers which keep on making these software and tools more efficient with each update. Moreover, the support system is also very responsive and always available to solve any issue that you might be facing while using any of these software. 3D Systems has earned the reputation as the most efficient 3D technology provider in the market which is trusted by many big companies.

If you have any small or big 3D technology requirement, I am sure, you won’t find any better company than 3D systems. Check out wide range of their 3D solutions available on their website and pick the ones which fit your industry needs.

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