How Levitating Lamps are changing Home Interiors

When it comes to giving our homes a makeover that has never been heard of or even seen before, we end up with some pretty far-fetched ideas. Why should we not? Standing apart is a goal – fitting in isn’t. I mean who will ever believe that there can be something like “levitating lamps” or any other home accessory for that matter that can float in air.

However, it seems that Floately is out to make the impossible, possible. To step up your home interior game, here’s a unique chance. For them, there is nothing called a far-fetched or unrealistic idea. Here is a list of products from Floatly employing the levitation technology to beautify your home.

Floately Volta

Launched in March, 2019, Floately Volta levitating lamp has already sold out more than a thousand units. It has a very attractive price (apparently 70 percent less than other companies that sell such lamps). It is durable, stylish and does not require any battery to run. But most importantly, the levitation you get see with your own eyes is not some gimmick that you may be thinking about. There are no wires or any other kind of support system to help the lamp float in air.

Floately Volta Levitating Lamps

The Volta base has 4 electromagnets that resists the magnet in the bulb thereby letting it float in air. The design is so sophisticated and intricate that you will not notice the bulb tilting or wobbling ever. You can even touch it and it will still continue to float. The light that this lamp emits is very conducive to a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. If you give it a little push, the bulb can even spin around.

They can levitate and rotate simultaneously all day long and make the best commodity along your bed stand. Its mahogany base will be all the more complementing to your bedroom. Most importantly, you can move it across rooms if someone else wants to experience its charm.

Floately Airsai

Another equally genius creation by the firm is the floating plant pot or Airsai (which may sound like a portmanteau of air and bonsai). The product is made of plastic even though it gives you a wood effect and its tranquil décor provides a chic and modern touch to your apartment. The plant pot levitates up to 1 to 2 cm of the plastic base which is guaranteed to stun your guests who come to visit you.

Floately Airsai Levitating Lamps

Just like Volta, magnetic levitation is the secret to this product as well. When the power is on, you can even rotate it 360 degrees. The best part is that the very sight of this product will make you forget your anxiety and make your emotions stable. Having a plant such as this will also decrease the impact of radiation, we have to endure every day.

What you have to keep in mind though is that the plant you choose for the Floately Airsai should be something like a succulent so that you don’t have to water it too much. However, you can always replace the plants in the pot whenever you feel like. If the pot keeps rotating, chances are that your plants will get more nourishment and will last longer than usual.

Floately Nebula

Next on our list is a floating Bluetooth speaker that not only levitates but also illuminates when you play your songs. The orb like structure is beautifully suspended mid-air without experiencing any friction. Its gentle rotation will emit a mesmerizing affect and you will feel as if you are in the most peaceful place in the world. What is more is that the Nebula comes in three different colors – black, silver, and gold.

Even when you go to sleep, this product comes pretty handy, since the light it emits is almost like the night light that you usually switch on before going to sleep. In addition to that, the music provides you a soothing sound that will lull you to sleep before you know. You can connect it to your smartphone or laptop and play any song that you feel like listening to, thereby making the product truly under your control.

Floately Nebula Levitating Lamps

Floately Luna

Have you ever seen the moon? I know that’s a stupid question to ask. Of course, you have seen the moon. But have you ever seen it up close? And no, I do not mean using a telescope in an observatory but with your own naked eyes. Well, if you haven’t, I suggest you get the Floately Luna right away so that you can experience enchantment and mystery courtesy this product. This is an LED fitted moon lamp that can levitate and rotate simultaneously and will not inflate your electricity bill, in case you are worrying about it.

The product looks exactly like the moon or at least its miniaturized version. When you switch it and see it rotate you will actually feel as if you are gazing at a celestial body. There are different kinds of lights that this replica moon can generate with a touch and consequently set the mood accordingly. You won’t find anything in the world that can give you a more out-of-the-world experience.

Floately Luna Levitating Lamp

Floately Gravita

After Volta and Luna, we come to our third levitating lamp in this list of hi-tech gadgets that will make our apartments look more amazing than ever – the Floately Gravita. This lamp floats in thin air, is completely wireless and can also play all your favorite songs. Despite consisting of electromagnets and a very sophisticated technology, the lamp has a very minimalist design. The best part of the design is that it can complement any kind of décor style.

Floately Gravita

Much like the previous two lamps, this one too has the ability to relax your nerves and help you meditate. In fact, the light is so easy on your eyes that you can actually have a good night sleep. It can be activated by a simple touch and the base of the lamp even helps you to recharge your smartphones. What more do you need?

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