Form Builder Tools: How to Make Your Web-Page More Interactive

Unlike it used to be in the days of yore when business was nothing more but “buy, sell and produce”, these days the whole process evolved into a very curious and knotty race of promotion, competition, audience engagement — and what else it takes to outstand the competitors and make your brand known to the world. Today there is a multitude of various marketing strategies at your disposal, however, the key feature of the successful increase in demand for your products lies in good comprehension of what are your audience’s actual needs.

Collecting and analyzing information should be the easiest and most efficient way to reach that comprehension and make out how to promote your business in the most proper way. And that is what form building tools can help you with!


What Can They Do?

Form builders are designed to expand functionality and gather data straight from your web-page: they provide various useful tools such as poll fields and quiz forms, customer feedback boxes and drag-and-drop editors, customizable themes and various color and design options, and much more. You can add those features to your website in just a few clicks, and make it more interactive and convenient to visitors and clients.

What Option Is Better?

Most form builders provide similar features like text fields or menu boxes. However, some are faster in performing and other provide higher degree of customizability, some are simpler in use and some offer advanced features such as ability to save the entries from a form to a spreadsheet and notify you once it is filled out — depending on your business’ requirements and purposes, you can select an option that would suit the best.

Here are 5 online form builders with free awesome tools you’ve got to try:

1. MightyForms: Quick and Universal

MightyForms Builder is of the best and reliable tools that will help you to create admirable forms for everything from quick polls or pop quizzes to email newsletter and subscription forms. It offers various question design types like checkboxes, multiple-choice, dropdown options, linear scales and many other features that can be easily embedded on your website. MightyForms is overall ideal for all types of companies seeking professional forms and advanced features at an affordable cost.


2. Wufoo: Form Templates For Every Taste

Wufoo is another superb online form builder to choose: being truly user-friendly, it offers over 400 templates to create a lovely form and apply it either via sharing a Wufoo link or embedding on your website. Wufoo also provides the ability to add payment processing if needed and has the feature of detailed reporting. Finally, this builder can boast with the flexibility to establish custom rules that follow the logic you’ve set up for your form questions.

Wufoo Forms

3. Typeform: Stylish And Multipurpose

Besides being gorgeously designed, Typeform is a great option for beautiful, customizable and seamless forms that will surely amaze you with the diversity of useful options to choose from. It allows creating everything starting from simple contact forms and checkboxes to a complicated IQ test. Typeform has paid features, but provides unlimited forms to free users and allows them to get access to lots of extra tools.


4. FormSite: Perfect Payment Processing

If you’re looking for a flexible and scalable builder, FormSite must be on your list with its fully-customized form consisting of more than 40 data fields you can either embed into your website or attach as a stand-alone questionnaire using a FormSite link. Despite the service may become quite expensive at higher tiers, there are still available plenty of features in free versions, such as QR code or social sharing of the gathered information. FormSite is overall ideal for smaller companies seeking professional forms and advanced features at a low cost.


5. JotForm: Handy And Upgradable

JotForm is surely your choice of eCommerce is what you’re after: plain drag-and-drop payment integration is available for free along with data storage — only a few minutes it takes to get the job done. Editing form design may be quite complicated, yet ready-made themes for quick customization are included. JotForm allows free users to create only up to five forms that can receive up to 100 monthly submissions but is known for affordable pricing for advanced features.


Summing Up

If you are looking to bring in some interactivity into your website’s filling to make it more convenient to users, or require to extend its possibilities with plenty of constructive features, online form builders should be exactly what you need. So look through available options, and see what may be good to apply.

After working 5 years as a Software Analyst in reputed MNC, Rebecca decided to settle down and work from home. Having an expertise in business & being a life motivator, she loves to share similar stuff on our website by the means of her articles.