Most Popular Payment Methods With Scandinavian Roots

Scandinavian countries are definitely far ahead of the rest of the Europe, and also the world, in terms of card payments. Sweden has already become a cashless society with people doing transactions through their cards and mobile apps. Swedes have so much faith in digital payment that they have stopped carrying cash in their pockets. While majority of payments are still made by people in Scandinavia using their cards, more and more people are using mobile apps and e-wallets for digital payments.


Swish is a mobile payment system that was launched in Sweden in 2012. More than 6.5 million people use Swish today to pay money to shopkeepers and their friends. The app is connected with the bank account of the individual and he can instantly transfer money to the account of any other individual or business. All it requires is a smartphone and internet to make digital payments using Swish. One can also scan QR code to pay through Swish. While common people can use Swish for free, businesses receiving payments from customers on this platform are required to pay a fee of 1-3 SEK in addition to a small yearly fee.


MuchBetter is a digital payment method that has become very popular these days. It is an e-wallet with a mobile app that allows for instant payments once downloaded and connected to the bank account of the individual. You can choose to make payments using money in the wallet or you can use the app to make payments directly to shopkeepers and your friends. Gamers around the world love this wallet and app because payments through MuchBetter are accepted at many online casinos (find out more about MuchBetter casino i Norge på CasinoHex). MuchBetter is a highly secure payment method that pays through rewards to the users. MuchBetter wallet and app are available on all platforms like Android, Apple, and Windows. No matter what the operating system of your smartphone, you can download and start using MuchBetter to pay and to receive payments from others. Most of the popular online casinos accept deposits made by gamers using MuchBetter. 


Vipps is a very popular digital payment system app of Norway. It was developed by DNB bank for its customers and released in 2015. The app was downloaded and used by more than a million people within a year of its release. You can use it even if you are not a customer of DNB. Payments through Vipps can be made to telephone numbers. You just need the telephone number of the recipient and he gets the money in his account. If he doesn’t use Vipps, he will get a message to download Vipps to get the money sent to him.

Many mobile payment apps have been launched in Norway but it is Vipps that is the first choice of most of the Norwegians. Remember that you have to make an account on Vipps after downloading the app for which you will need a personal identification number called fødselnummer.

Global payment systems like PayPal and Google Pay have made their debuts in Scandinavian countries. Still, majority of the people love to use the apps with Scandinavian roots.

Ranbeer Maver is a Computer Science undergraduate. He's a geek who embraces any new consumer technology with inhuman enthusiasm.