Protect Your Online Business From Financial Fraudsters Using FraudLabs Pro

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On May 2, 2018
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The increase in e-commerce portals and services have witnessed a rise in financial frauds of all sorts. The abundance and availability of numerous payment portals allows financial fraudsters to detect a loophole and commit an act of fraud, where online merchants lose out considerable amount of money.

If you’re an online merchant who relies on online payments a lot, you need to find a way to protect your business from fraudulent eyes. FraudLabs Pro helps you do just that. It protects e-commerce business sites against CNP fraud or payment fraud by screening all online sales transactions that occur via PayPal, credit cards and debit cards.

This online tool performs a fraud validation check on your transactional elements like name, email, credit card, transactional velocity and geolocation and sends you an analysis report within a matter of seconds. With this online fraud validation tool, you can customize up to 40 rules to make your e-commerce transactions fraud-proof at all accounts.

Using such a tool is sure to increase your sales and reduce charge-backs and fraudulent payments. FraudLabs Pro uses global databases that contain blacklisted records and with the help of advanced algorithms, they identify patterns in fraudulent activities and detect a fraudster. They collect fraudulent data from the global e-commerce community and insure you against chargebacks and bad loans.

How to Get Started with FraudLabs Pro?

  1. To get started, you need to create an account. Though they do not have a trial version, you can join it for free. Their free package protects you against payment frauds, minimize all sorts of chargebacks and increase your sales revenue.
  2. After registering, you have to download and install the plug-in from a set of 18 plug-ins FraudLabs Pro have. These plug-ins are supported by all major e-commerce platforms.
  3. You will soon receive a license key, which you are required to enter. Once you’ve entered the key and enable fraud detection plan, your online business shall remain protected 24×7 as the FraudLabs Pro system would be running the entire duration.

You can also use their App version on your mobiles to get better and quicker results, whenever you need it. Their free “Micro” package allows you to access 500 validations per month. They also provide various Fraud Prevention plans that you can choose from. If you want a Fraud Prevention plan tailored for your e-commerce site, FraudLabs Pro has rest API ready with sample codes for easy installation.

Why choose FraudLabs Pro?

  • When you register for the free Micro Plan of FraudLabs Pro, you’re not required to pay any hidden cost – you’ve access to 500 queries per month. It is absolutely safe and free – as they do not even ask for your credit card details to be stored for any future use.
  • FraudLabs Pro has free and ready-made fraud prevention modules available for 19 popular e-commerce plug-ins. You can install and use them for free. Modules are available for:

Opencart, BigCommerce,, MiwoShop, PrestaShop, CubeCart, LiteCart, WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Cs.cart, WHMCs, Arastta, Foxy.IO, GetShopped.Org, OSCommerce, PinnacleCart, Zencart, VirtueMart. Besides these, third-party modules like blesta, Clientexec, Open eshop and HostBill are also available for usage.

  • They offer quick start up guides, developer guides and tutorials for you to understand the process and get the best out of FraudLabs Pro.
  • They will detect fraud orders with the help of advanced algorithms, their fraud engine and global data and thus reduce your losses as chargebacks.
  • The fraud score on certain merchants provided by FraudLabs Pro will help you take decisive decisions regarding a merchant. You have the flexibility that allows you to cancel an order that has a different billing address and a different shipping address.
  • While FraudLabs Pro takes care of frauds on your e-commerce site, you can boost your sales and focus on the same wholeheartedly.
  • They also provide unique packages that are tailor made to cope with your business problems. They equip you with all necessary details and sample codes.
  • Their blacklist database is updated on a regular basis with the newest information to keep you protected against malicious online frauds.

The Merchant area, an intuitive control panel that you can view and manage your order transactions, such as to approve, review and reject the orders. Besides, this is also the place for you create your own custom validation rules, configure your blacklist or whitelist data, view in-depth reports and so on. You should visit the merchant area to review the default settings right after the installation.

Kinds of Fraud Validation FraudLabs Pro uses:

For effective fraud detection, FraudLabs Pro runs thorough validations on transacted orders. The types of fraud validation they perform include:

  • Blacklist Validation
  • Device Validation
  • User account Validation
  • Email Address Validation by using Mailbox Validator Tool
  • Anonymous Proxy Validation with the help of IP2 Proxy Tool
  • IP Address Validation with the help of IP2 Proxy
  • Shipping & billing Address Validation
  • Transaction Validation
  • Credit Card or Payment Portal Validation
  • Free & Disposable Email Validation
  • Ship/Freight Forwarder Validation

Once you’ve used their free plan, you can upgrade to a suitable premium plan. They offer numerous premium plans with different pricings and features to choose from. You can choose from a Mini Plan, Small Plan, Medium Plan, Large Plan and Enterprise Plan according to your needs. Their small Plan which comes for $99.95 USD a month is their most popular plan – it allows you 5000 queries, customize 10 validation rules, 2 grouping rules and get priority support. The enterprise plan allows you a whopping 500,000 queries with 40 customized validation rules, 20 grouping rules and priority support for a monthly sum of $1249.95.

You can choose the one that best applies to your business. Priority Support is a feature of Premium Plans that is sure to help you when you’re stuck in a transaction. Besides, they provide email notification and mobile alerts of fraud transactions and orders. You also have access to social media profile query of online merchants and customers via this tool. The FraudLabs Pro Score helps you determine whether a client is genuine or not – you can sort your orders to approve, review or reject, in case of a doubt. This tool allows you to remain insured against fraud losses so that you can devote your energies to increasing your sales and traffic.

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