How to Write Resignation Email to Coworkers?

You may need to leave the job for many reasons but whatever be the cause of leaving the job it is very important to send a resignation email to colleagues and coworkers. Coworkers are those persons who have worked with you and stands behind your all ups and downs. It is the coworkers with whom you used to spend the maximum time of your days. You might have actually created a close bond with the coworkers after working with them for years or months. You may have got a good opportunity and you may need to move forward in your career but you must not forget that these former colleagues can become an essential part of your network.

Contacts with these former colleagues can help you to useful reference in the future or they may also bring new opportunities in the future. Hence at the time of leaving the job, it is certainly your duty to let your colleague know about the departure of your job. The best way to let your colleague know about your resignation is to send an email to them. But remember that you should send this kind of letter to your colleague and coworkers only after sending the formal notice to your employer. But writing a resignation email is not a child’s play as it has a certain format that you need to follow. So, in this article, we have come with a sample and some tips for writing resignation email to coworkers. However, more samples are available in this site and if you want you can check those as well for understanding it in a better way.


Sample for writing resignation email to coworkers

The following is a sample of resignation email to colleagues or coworkers that you must follow at the time of drafting the email:

Subject Line: Resigning from the post of <Your current position> at <Name of your Company>

My Fellow <Your Company name> Employees,

With this email, I shall like to let all of you know that I am leaving from my position <your current position> at <Your company name> and my last day with <Your company name> will be <Date of your last working day>.

It is true that I am looking forward to moving to the next step in my career but at the same time I will be deeply missed with working with each of you. There is no doubt that I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working with all of you in this company and I am certainly very grateful for meeting each of you.

Please feel free to keep in touch and I will be reachable at my personal email ID <Your Email ID> or you can call me on at my cell no. <Your Contact No.>.

Thanks to all of you for supporting me all throughout my career and I wish you the best of luck for all your future endeavors!


<Your Name>

Tips to writing a resignation email to coworkers

The following are some essential tips that you should follow while writing a resignation email to the coworkers:

  • Keeping the letter positive: The first thing that you need to do is to keep your email positive and show your gratitude to all the persons whom you have worked with. You must remember that this resignation letter is the last opportunity to provide a good impression on your colleague and your employer before you move to the next step of your career. So, you must not reserve any kind of negative option for your company.
  • Sending the email before your last working day: It is always recommended to send the email to your colleague one or two days before your last working day. In such a case, your coworkers will have enough time to react and respond. They will have enough chance to say goodbye in person and give their contact number to you so that you can keep in contact with them.
  • Sharing the contact information: After you leave the job you will not be using your official email address any more as the employer will turn off your official email access. That is the reason why it is very essential to share the personal contact information with your colleague or coworkers.
  • Keeping the email concise: You must remember that the email should be concise and should not exceed more than one page. All that you need to do is to thank your colleagues and share your contact information and thus there is no need to write more than two to three paragraphs.