How to Stay Safe when Betting Online

Gambling is one of the oldest form of vice or boon (depending of the fates) in the world. In fact, gambling is definitely seemed to make a presence dating as far back as the Paleolithic era or the Old Stone Age with Mesopotamia being prominent evidence. A roll of dice and a number called was enough to determine if your pockets will be heavier or lighter. The amount you wagered, a risk and your luck and the outcome are what make gambling up. Whether it is instantaneous or takes some time, gambling and betting is not a fixed problem that can be calculated and won. Luck plays a major role especially if it is a game of dice. Betting on animals and races are somewhat manageable if you care to study the histories of the participants.

Given the wagers, the losses and in many recent years the manipulation of sports, gambling and betting is declared as illegal in many countries with strict laws enforced about the topic. And if not banned, government regulates the procedure and it also becomes revenue for taxes are levied.


What is online betting?

Since everything has moved to the virtual world with real inputs and outputs, gambling did not like being left behind. In fact, many people might remember the famous Hearts and Spades game that came bundled with the Windows XP OS – cards are also form of gambling, albeit the most popular choice for people who does not want to depend solely on luck. Online betting is simply the casino now at the palm of your hands with safe betting sites like

Benefits of Online Betting:

While the convenience of being able to bet anytime is one of main success for the industry, there are other benefits too:

  • Just saying being able to bet anytime is not doing justice to the online betting world. For, you can access many gambling games not only locally but across the globe. Be it poker, rummy or betting on races, you can access many tables and casinos from the comfort of your sofa and within a matter of minutes.
  • Whether you are a pro or a novice, betting is always exciting especially when you are gaining. That said, many new rules or techniques are applied and different portals offer different version and the option of free games is the best way to navigate that interface and understand the game. There are many card games where you can join free tournament tables and win real cash prizes.
  • In traditional casinos, you often come across a limit to the amount or number of times you can place a bet. The lower limits of the bets are usually set and it seldom is in the two digit zone. This hurdle is overcome in online betting. You can even start playing for free. The virtual space not only allows you more access to more tables but more gaming options.
  • The amount you invest does not necessarily have to be out of your pockets. Online betting has referral bonuses and insurances where you can ask a friend to join the portal and both of you earn some cash to start your game.
  • Payments, both to the account and withdrawals are easy and hassle-free as you can make use of your ATM card or enter your bank details and start playing. Withdrawals too are easy and the money gets reflected in your account statement within a few days, if not hours.

Risks and staying safe during online betting

While there are benefits, you can only reap them when you are not being cheated out of your money or worse, your bank account compromised and wiped clean. Staying safe is a concern that pesters many punters and players with the lines being blurred when they tend to invest in games that are in another country. Legality is an issue that has to be kept in mind with gambling and betting being considered illegal in many countries and regions. But, there are ways to navigate across these problems and still enjoy online betting. These are:

  • The very first thing that you have to be well researched in the world of online betting. You may be a pro but rules and laws change. You need to make sure that the site you are betting on (pun intended) is reliable and licensed. These sites will not rob you of your assets. The benefit of licensed casinos is that they are regulated by the government and insurances are part and parcel of the account you create.
  • Talking about accounts, every online betting site requires you to create a profile and account with a username and password. This password should be difficult to be guessed by hackers. This is another benefit of opting for licensed betting sites for they come with encrypted login options so that your data can be accessed only by you.
  • OTP logins and transactions are one more way to be protected when you are in the world of online betting. No serious casinos or sites will allow you to have an account without your mobile number entered. Every time a transaction is made via your account, you will be sent an OTP and entering which you can complete the process.
  • The inline payment method that you use also plays a key role in ensuring your safety online. Many e-Wallets and apps like Google Pay are not only licensed but also encrypted. Their servers are hack proof.
  • Whenever you are opening a cash account, the casino will not only look for your card details but also your identification proof. The moment you see this step missing, you exit the portal.
  • You also should install ad blockers in your browsers to prevent phishing ads to be presented as click baits.

The last step is that your safety is in your hands. The details you wish to share and your discretion will always keep you safe. No licensed site will ask you to share your ATM pin or bank login password. Besides, the amount you deposit and play is up to you. Betting and gambling is addictive especially when you are on a winning spree and the losing streak is yet to start. Knowing when to stop is a trick that not many people master but this knowledge will also he4lp you stay safe and your money secure in your bank.

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