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On November 3, 2017
Last modified:April 6, 2022


Normal smileys can make chats a lot better because they allow us to express many feelings which were otherwise not possible with normal text messages. Whether someone is chatting on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat or any other social network, everyone is using these smileys. We use them to express emotions, add spark to the conversation or some useful emojis such as yellow circle sign work as a bullet point or warning signal depending on the context.

Using them has become so common that we can’t stand chatting someone who doesn’t use smileys while chatting and keep talking/answering like a robot.

The whole world uses smileys so there’s nothing special if you use them too. If a chat has become boring, these smileys can’t help to make it interesting but if you use relatable stickers, GIFs and custom emojis, they can add spark to your conversations. Most of the messengers don’t have the feature to add stickers or GIFs and those who have such as Messenger or WhatsApp, the collection is very limited. So, Sticker Market introduced its own mobile app to provide tons of stickers, GIFs, custom emojis and templates to both Android & iOS users through its advanced and feature-rich keypad which you can add to the device just by installing the app.

Sticker Market: Emoji Keyboard

The stock keyboard that comes with Android or iOS provides only basic functionalities which are of course included in Sticker Market Emoji Keyboard too but in addition to that, a lot of stickers in many different categories available at your fingertips. And, the coolest GIFs of the world to express your expressions or situation is also provided to use them in any messaging app you are chatting right now. Moreover, you can be as intuitive as you want to create your own face emoji by using many templates which comes with Sticker Market app.

For the first time, you need to setup Sticker Market once and after that, you can use Sticker Market keyboard directly for Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, WhatsApp, WeChat & all the other messaging apps to enjoy using its amazing collection of stickers, animated GIFs and creating cool face emoji to make your chat super amazing and addictive.

Steps to Setup Sticker Market Emoji Keyboard

Sticker Market itself provide the step-by-step tutorial to set it up when you install & open the app. However, let me guide you through your way to make you understand the setup process better. (The guide follows Sticker Market installation steps for Android but steps are same for iOS users too)

Step 1: Download and Install Sticker Market Emoji Keyboard App (Android) in your Smartphone. Once it is installed, open the app and Sticker Market Emoji Keyboard will ask you to login the app using Facebook, Google or any email account. However, if you choose the “email” method then a verification link will be sent to your email address which you need to click in order to login Sticker Market Emoji Keyboard.

Step 2: Now, Sticker Market Emoji Keyboard app will represent you its own tutorial which is of just 2 steps. In its Step 1, where it asks you to Select Sticker Market Keyboard in your language & input settings, tap the button “Enable in Settings”. It will take you to your Settings page, from where you need to enable Sticker Market keyboard. Locate Sticker Market keyboard and tap its toggle button to turn it ON. If Android shows you Attention popup, tap OK.

Step 3: Now, Sticker Market will return you to the app and shows you 2nd step to configure Sticker Market Keyboard which says Select Sticker Market Keyboard as your default input method. Tap “Select Input Method” button and it will prompt a small popup which shows all available keyboard in your Android device, tap Sticker Market keyboard in the popup to set it as your default keyboard.

Now, you are all set to use Sticker Market Emoji Keyboard. If you want, you can browse the Sticker Market available inside the app and see all the available stickers, GIFs, templates and add the ones that you want to use to your Sticker Market keyboard by opening them. This library contains both free and paid stickers & templates. Add the ones you want to use frequently to the Sticker Market Emoji Keyboard.

Now, to use added Stickers, Templates, GIFs and face emojis that you’ve added to Sticker Market Keyboard from its library, open any messaging app and tap on its message box to type your message. As you’ve changed your Android keyboard to Sticker Market keyboard, so now you’re using the required keyboard which contains all added items.

The first time, Sticker Market will itself tell you to use its special button provided through the keyboard to view and use added stickers, templates and GIFs available at the Sticker Market Emoji Keyboard.

The Sticker Market button provided through its keyboard give you access to all available stickers, templates, GIFs and lets you create face emoji on the spot very easily. If you want, you can even use its search button to search any sticker, template, GIFs using hashtags or words.

Once you’ve selected what you want, press send button to send the selected sticker or GIF to the person you’re chatting instantly. The app contains so many GIFs, stickers, and template that you’ll never have any boring conversation again.

It is an essential app for all those who chat frequently or do long chats with friends. You should definitely try Sticker Market: Emoji Keyboard app for once. I’m sure, you’ll love the app. Download links are provided below:

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