The Fast Way to Write Essays: 6-Step Guide to Write Timely

Essays are a form of written work that presents your thoughts and knowledge in an organized manner. Writing an essay within a short stipulated time can be difficult, but with the right timing and time management, it is indeed possible and achievable. We all have different skills when it comes to writing an essay ahead of time, but there are cases you will need help with academic papers at which has a wide variety of ready-made essays.

In a general term, 24 hours is not too much to write a complete essay, but you might have just a few hours or even less an hour to craft a good essay. This is where you have to make use of your speed writing skills, but in case there isn’t enough time to practice your speed writing skills, then you need to do some detailed planning and follow these writing tips that will lead you through this seemingly strenuous task.

Let’s take a look at the step guides on how to write essay ahead of time:

Essay Writing

Be fully prepared and plan your time

Before you start writing, it is essential to be prepared by having everything you need like a computer or a book, and also take a few minutes to draft an outline for your essay. This will save you from having to restructure your essay once you start writing. To make it more organized, you can draft a schedule for the whole essay; for instance, if you have only an hour to write, you can consider 10 minutes for outlining, 30 minutes for putting the body of your essay together, and the last 20 minutes for revising. Creating enough time for revision is essential as this is when you can notice errors or bad structure of sentences. This is also the time you should do your research; search for the key concepts you will need so as to prevent delay when you start writing your essay paper.

Study the essay question

Generally, an essay is always directed by a question so is important to read the question carefully and understand what exactly you are asked to do. Failure to understand the question thoroughly may force you to go back to it when you should be focused on writing.  Generate an answer in your head and this can lead to brainstorming, and writing down anything that comes to mind, after which you can choose what fits the question best.

Create an outline

Before writing your essay, it is important to craft an outline to make the writing process easier. Your outline should be divided into three part, the introduction, body paragraph, and the conclusion. The introduction presents your thesis statement that has to be cohesive with the rest of the paper. The body is subdivided into three or four paragraphs; each emphasizes the main points of your thesis. The conclusion should emphasize your last thought on the essay question. In this section, you can also restate your thesis and review your argument.

All three sections in your essay should blend well with each other.

Start writing your essay

After creating your outline and thesis statement, you can now focus on creating content for each paragraph of the essay. This stage is carried out quickly when you’ve followed the subsequent step. The essay usually includes not less than 3 paragraphs which are to be used to argue your statement and it is also important that each paragraph should contain a supporting example. For instance, when writing on “effect of procrastination” you can say, procrastination has a negative impact in the life of an individual, many individuals have failed to achieve their aims and objectives in life as a result of procrastination” this clearly demonstrate the negative impact of procrastination.

Summarize your thought in your conclusion

Your conclusion to the essay should be clear and precise and shouldn’t include new ideas or arguments. You can also write supportive statements or provide evidence to your arguments in this section

Do some revision

No matter how limited your time is, this step is very important! You need to check your essay thoroughly to know where adjustment or correction is needed, during the checking/revising, pay attention to the key sentences in each paragraph, the thesis statement, and the general structure of each sentence. Look for any grammar errors that will need correction, and check if the text is coherent. To be certain, you can slowly read each word of your essay, it is not a bad idea to read to the face of a friend or siblings. When you are fully satisfied with what you’ve done, then you’ve just written an essay within a short stipulated time frame.

Writing an essay might be easy but writing it ahead of time can be daunting because for you to write a good essay, there are steps that should be followed which can take time. If you need to write ahead of time, the most important thing is to have careful planning, and sticking to the timeframe you plan for the essay. You can get fast help with writing various academic essays at – a professional academic writing service.

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