Top 5 New Casino Games in 2023

2023 is another exciting year for online casino game players and anyone who enjoys betting and winning money through virtual gambling sites.

Some of the hottest new best progressive jackpot slots are going live soon, and there are loads of new games you can try out, play, and win even more money on in 2023. Let’s take a look at the top 5 new casino games coming out this season.

GAME # 1: Online Progressive Jackpot Slots

Although progressive jackpot slots are nothing new, having been introduced to casinos in 1986 (long before people could play online or even before there was a real online world to speak of). Progressive jackpot slots quickly became very popular, and this popularity has varied over into online casinos.

In 2023, more online casinos than ever are offering exciting new versions of progressive jackpot slots.

The exciting thing about progressive jackpot slots is the more times players don’t win, the larger the jackpot gets. The house (the casino) deducts the edge every time a progressive jackpot is played while increasing the overall potential winnings by a small percentage every time the game is played and no one wins.

So, if you didn’t win the first time round, you’ve got another chance. 

GAME # 2: Immersive Roulette Casino Experiences

With the advancement of virtual and augmented reality (AR & VR) technology and the enormous possibilities of the Metaverse, online casinos can start catching up with the immersive reality of physical casinos.

More immersive and interactive experiences are being created, making players feel like they’re in a casino environment. Casinos will also continue to use technology to improve the player experience in these new immersive and interactive environments.

For example, playing Roulette in a live-streaming AR or VR-based environment, at over 240 frames per second in either 2D or 3D, has to be one of the most remarkable online casino experiences ever! Players will feel like they’re in a casino, and more online and physical casino brands are starting to offer these kinds of experiences.


GAME # 3: Instant Roulette

Instant Roulette is an excellent combination of live dealer roulette and online slots. It’s a fast-paced game for those who love the thrill of continuous spinning giving players a chance to keep on betting. With Instant Roulette, you can set bets while the wheel is spinning, with no bet limits on each spin.

The best thing about Instant Roulette is that you can play with a real dealer or other players (or even the computer). You don’t have to worry about getting disconnected while playing—sit back and relax while your bets are placed and processed faster than in traditional games of Roulette.

GAME #4: Lightening Roulette

An even more exciting version of instant Roulette is lightning roulette, and more online casinos are starting to offer this.

Lightning Roulette is a game that you can play in loads of casinos. It’s a classic roulette game with an electric twist, making it one of our favorite games. When lightning strikes, your bets are multiplied by three to five times! 

In some online casinos, the multiple is even higher, but so is the house edge, and the chances of winning are lower, or you need to put a larger deposit down. And if you don’t want to take advantage of the opportunity to 3-5x your bets, then wait for the next lucky spin.

It’s available in most languages and has been proven to be very popular among players worldwide. If you like games with high payouts, this one is definitely for you!

GAME # 5: Lightening Roulette Larger payouts, more significant signup bonuses, and even more slots!

One thing we are sure of in 2023 is that more online casinos will be offering larger payouts, more significant signup bonuses (such as this one in Australia), and even more slots.

Many online casinos now have over 3,000 slots, including Roulette, live casino, sports betting, scratch cards, craps, keno, action games, baccarat, blackjack, and so much more!

Remember, whenever you are playing any online game of chance, only bet what you can afford. When the fun stops, or you’re losing the money you hadn’t planned on playing with, it’s time to stop.


So there you have five new casino games and what you can expect from online casinos in 2023. We hope this article has given you the information you need to make a balanced decision about which game would be best for your particular tastes and preferences.

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