How to Unlock your Mac with your iPhone?

How do you keep your confidential data secure on your Mac? It is probably by creating a hard-to-guess password. But, then, it is difficult to remember such passwords. It is also quite frustrating to type in the password every time you want to use your machine. If you are a Mac owner who wears an Apple Watch, you can automatically unlock your machine whenever you are close to it. It is because of Apple Watch’s “Auto Unlock” feature that provides you instant access when you are near your Mac.

The iPhone, which most of us own, has yet to get this feature, but there is no need for you to be envious of the Apple Watch wearers. There are several third-party Apps available on App Store that let you unlock your Mac using your iPhone. Once you install the app on both iPhone and MacBook or iMac, the days of typing in password will be long gone.

Here are the five apps that let you unlock your Mac with your iPhone.

locked mac

Near Lock

Near Lock turns your iPhone into an authentication device, enabling the locking and unlocking of your Mac using your phone. It unlocks the Mac when you get nearer to your workplace, and when you walk away from it, it will get automatically locked as well. It offers you the option to “set the distance.” You can set from what distance your iPhone should unlock and lock the Mac – automatically. Also, with Near Lock, you can control multiple Macs, and unlock and lock them. Additional features include copy and paste clipboards, and there is also the option to take photos on failed login attempt. Near Lock is available for free in the Apple App Store, but the in-app purchase of Pro mode features costs $3.99 (INR 299).


MacID enables the unlocking of the Mac using your fingerprint. You can use your iPhone’s Touch ID, the fingerprint identity sensor, to unlock the Mac once you have installed the app on both devices. Not only you can unlock the computer, but you can also authorise several other tasks, including the deletion of protected files. The app comes with features such as control audio, share clipboards, and start screensavers, and it uses Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE), the power-friendly version of Bluetooth wireless technology. Moreover, like Near Lock, Mac ID, too, can be paired with several Macs at the same time. MacID costs $3.99 (INR 299) in the Apple App Store.

Knock 2.0

Knock 2.0 turns your iPhone into an “incredibly” strong password for your Mac. As the app name implies, you have to knock twice on your phone to get your Mac unlocked. Even when your iPhone is in your pocket, the two knocks work. The app also lets you install software and change a system setting. The 2.0 version of the app, which is the latest, comes with Touch to Unlock. It brings the two-factor authentication option to your Mac, providing your devices with extra security. Like MacID, Knock 2.0, too, uses the power-friendly Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE), making it another energy-efficient app. Knock is available for $5.99 (INR 499) in the Apple App Store.


FingerKey allows you to use your iPhone’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor to lock and unlock your Mac. The app can also automatically lock your machine if it detects that you are going away from your workplace. Once you return, it will ask for your fingerprint to unlock the machine. You can unlock multiple computers from a distance using FingerKey. The app is easy to set up on your devices. You have to type in a couple of passwords, and after that your Mac and your iPhone are set to work in tandem. FingerKey costs $2.99 (INR 249) in the Apple App store, and you have to pay $0.99 (INR 59) for the in-app purchase of Website login-Desktop feature.


KeyTouch lets you use your iPhone’s Touch ID sensor to lock and unlock your Mac. The app works on Macs that have Bluetooth 4.0, capable of running Mac OS Mavericks or later, and on iPhones with Bluetooth 4.0, capable of running iOS 8 or later. KeyTouch is available for $0.99 (INR 79) in the Apple App Store.


The third-party apps make it easy for you to access your Mac and prevent unauthorised access. And, if you are experiencing iPhone-related issues, contact an iPhone repair service provider to get it fixed.

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