3 Fun Things to Do With Your Smartphone

Smartphones are all over the place today. In a little more than a decade, they have become the most popular device in the world. There is now a smartphone in literally half the world’s population’s pockets.

These marvellous devices are incredibly useful doing many things, ranging from keeping in touch with others, obviously, to snapping pictures, playing music and videos, playing games, keeping us up-to-date with the latest news, and even winning money, as the player winning a progressive jackpot will surely tell you. Due to their incredible versatility, there are quite a few fun things you can do with them – here are a few that you may want to try.

using phone

Turn off any TV

Many smartphones today have IR Blaster, a device used to emulate traditional infrared remote controls, built into them. This makes them incredibly useful as a universal remote – with the help of apps like SURE. But they can also stop annoying screens constantly displaying ads, as well as serve as a source for some laughs when pranking someone, with the use of an app with a very suggestive name: TV Kill.

TV Kill is not your usual universal IR remote. It only has one function: turning off TVs. When you press its big red button, it will emit a signal that will turn off any TV within its range. It also has a “repetitive” function that will constantly cycle through turn-off signals, so even if someone tries to turn it on, it will be turned off again and again.

Manipulate your selfies

Ever wondered how you would look like with long hair, a goatee, or with different hair colour? Well, you won’t have to spend a fortune on a stylist or hair dye – all you need is a smartphone and FaceApp.

FaceApp is a self-described “AI Face Editor” and it does pretty much exactly what its name suggests. All you need to do is snap a selfie, load it into the app, and play away. The free version of FaceApp has quite a few fun things you can do with your selfie – try various looks, ages, facial hair, and hair colours, even swap your gender. The paid PRO version offers even more functions, variations, and even more fun to be had.

Talk to strangers

Finally, an app built around a very interesting concept: talking to strangers about a topic of your choice. Wakie was originally a service to offer you a wakeup call from a stranger talking to you about… whatever until you’re ready to start your day but in time it has evolved into a voice chat where the only connection between those talking is the topic.

All you need to do is set up Wakie on your phone, set a topic, and wait for your phone to ring. The app will put you in contact with another user interested in talking about the topic you set, no matter if it’s cooking, music, or technology – and perhaps make a new, very distant friend.

Sameer Raj has a keen interest in technology. He spent most of his time socializing with gadgets & tools than human beings. With each of his articles, Sameer shares such unique tricks that you might never knew.