4 Key Benefits of Florida Solar Panels

The Sunshine State is known to have approximately 236 days of sunshine per year.

That’s a lot of solar power! Why not take advantage of it? 

If you live in Florida and are looking for the perfect home upgrade, solar panels have many benefits. You may know that Florida solar panels use less energy but do you know how they can benefit you as a homeowner? 

Keep reading to learn about the key benefits of a solar system in your home. 

1. They Save You Money on Your Electric Bill

Owning solar panels in your home is the ultimate independence. You control the power, the panels, and the usage. 

Solar panels eliminate the dependence you have on your electrical company to provide services for your home. Not only that, a solar incentive known as “net metering” in Florida actually allows you to sell your surplus of solar energy. 

Florida has so much sunshine that your solar system can produce excess energy for your home. Net metering uses this excess power that has been transferred to the grid to reimburse you. 

Solar panels practically pay for themselves and eradicate your electricity bill. 

solar panels

2. They Last a Long Time 

With proper solar panel installation, you can enjoy solar power for 25 years. They are even known to surpass the time guaranteed warranty, making solar panels an ideal investment. 

Many solar companies will give you an equipment warranty in case of any quality issues you may experience with your panels. The right solar company will install your panels quickly and without the hassle of lengthy permits. 

3. They Qualify for Florida Solar Tax Credit 

The Florida solar tax credit is a federal incentive that allows homeowners to claim 26% of the cost of their solar system as a deduction in their income taxes. 

In short, this tax credit gives you a 26% discount on your solar system. It also rolls over your remaining balance should your tax liability fall short of 26% of the cost of your solar system. 

After your solar system has been purchased, you must fill out form 5695 when filing your taxes to take advantage of this credit. 

4. They Help You Do Your Part for the Environment 

Air pollution has undoubtedly harmed the environment and our health. Electricity is one of the largest culprits of greenhouse gas emissions. 

Solar energy is much more sustainable and reduces dependence on fossil fuels. It is a much safer and cleaner form of energy. 

Switching to solar energy reduces the negative impact that your household has on the environment in comparison to fossil fuels. The sun is likely to surpass the life of fossil fuels, given the current state of the earth’s environment. 

The Sunny Side Up on Florida Solar Panels 

There are so many reasons to switch to solar-powered energy. Not only will Florida solar panels save you money on your electric bill and your taxes, but they are durable and very beneficial for the environment.

It’s no surprise that many Floridians are choosing to take advantage of the abundance of natural solar energy provided in this sunny state! 

If you enjoyed reading this article, keep coming back for the latest in solar power for your home. 

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