5 Android Cleaners That Make Sense

Though Android system RAM and CPU optimization has progressed a lot, it still needs our help. You can boost your device performance by killing excess tasks, cleaning caches, and deleting rubbish files. It’s hard to do it manually, so here are the 5 most helpful apps.


Do you remember this app on your Windows PC? CCleaner is still one of the best utilities for cleaning rubbish from computers. While CCleaner for iPhone doesn’t really make sense, the Android version seems to be a grail filled with the best ideas of the experienced CCleaner team. Check out the full CCleaner for Android review for more details.


It detects and deletes all stray files and can remind you of old ones so that you could remove them or backup on a cloud. It also erases all empty folders and has access to your browsing history, so you can manage several browsers at the same time. The app manager is similar to what the Clean Master offers. You can delete the cache of all apps together or select particular ones. ToBeProductive.com recommends CCleaner as one of the most stable and effective free cleaners.

Clean Master

This app includes smart trackers that detect junk files left by active and deleted apps. It’s advisable to use it for deleting apps and utilities to make sure that they don’t leave a trace. CM will let you know if it finds important files so that you could decide on your own. Personal and system data will remain safe.

It’s also reliable for tasks like app protection and web security. Clean Master algorithms can detect malicious intrusions through Wi-Fi networks. It blocks fake and unauthorized connections automatically. It also includes an antivirus module that protects your device from malware and attacks 24/7.

DU Speed Booster

This one is a simple tool that can help you keep your CPU cool and terminate applications that do something excess in the background. These options make sense when you need to boost performance for demanding online games, and to win 3-10 frames. It’s essential for low-end devices.

It provides you with a convenient toolbar widget that displays CPU stats in real time and allows you to cool it down in a single tap without opening the app. App uninstaller is available too, as well as the antivirus that detects trojans, adware, viruses, and malware. Its functionary is close to Clean Master and CCleaner, but the nice dark design may influence your choice. It’s ToBeProductive.com choice for the best UI style.

History Eraser

This application is focused on the trace that applications and browsers leave. It detects files that may be used for malicious purposes and allows you to remove them altogether instead of dull manual deleting.

It has access to your clipboard, app cache, contacts, messages, and browsing history, so that you could manage everything from one place. You can even delete all open data in a single tap in an emergency.

Game Booster 3

If you’re keen on Android gaming, then you will enjoy this one. GM3 is a universal game launcher. You just have to choose a title in the library, and it’ll be boosted and optimized right away. It’s a good app for enhancing FPS in hi-end and online games. You can enable the integrated FPS monitor to see real-time stat while playing. It’s also very useful for making mobile game reviews and comparing the default performance of devices.

Game Booster can work with other apps as well, so you don’t have to install additional cleaners. Similarly to other apps from this list, it shows ads, but not too often, so purchasing a subscription is optionable. It doesn’t change the functionary. At ToBeProductive.com, we’ve also tested Game Booster & Launcher and Game Booster 3, but they appeared to be less effective.

The Bottom Line

These 5 apps passed 2-weeks tests and proved to be very helpful. Unlike the vast majority of cleaners on the Play Market, they don’t pretend to kill unreal processes. Choose the one that matches your needs and boost your device right away.