5 Facts You Should Know About Cowboy Stadium

One of the best games that people love in the United States is the NFL. As such, they want to book seats and watch the great teams play. Now, one of the best ways to experience an NFL game is to watch it in the suites. Most of the stadiums, the AT&T stadium included, have suites that are comfortable for the people who want to experience the game in a special way.

One of the best ways you can make a lasting impression on your friends and family is to buy dallas cowboys tickets and probably book a suite so that you can watch the game in comfort and enjoy the view of the game in surroundings that benefit the experience of the NFL.

Have you ever been to the AT&T Stadium? Well, if not, here are 5 facts that you need to know about the cowboy stadium:

1. Dallas Cowboys Tickets

It is important that you are aware of the number of tickets that can be bought for the games at the Cowboy stadium. First and foremost, there are a number of suites that can be booked and paid for so that you and a group of friends and family can watch the games in comfort and with an unparalleled view of the stadium. The stadium can seat 80,000 people. However, with standing room, the Dallas Cowboys Stadium can accommodate up to 105,000 people. As such, depending on the kind of game and teams playing, tickets will be available based on the seating or standing capacity. It is always advisable that one buys their tickets in advance before they attend games at the stadium.

2. Technology

This is one of the facts that are astounding. The Cowboys stadium is one of the most technologically advanced stadiums in the world. The stadium has over 3000 Sony LCD displays in all the suites and other areas.  It also features one of the largest HD televisions in the world, meaning that fans can enjoy the games in HD when they choose to watch on the TV while there are in the stadium. Just to put the technological aspect of the stadium into perspective, the total area covered by video display in the stadium, is up to 25, 000 square feet. Definitely, there are many other installations in the stadium such as audio and even WiFi that we need not mention!

3. Size of the stadium

This stadium is a marvel of sorts. It occupies up to 73 acres of land space. The design of the stadium incorporates 2 open end zones. These have retractable doors made of glass. The doors can open in 18 minutes. With over 420,000 square feet dedicated to entertainment, this stadium is definitely one of the places we all need to visit for the fun. This means that people can gather here in this space before or after the games so that they can socialize.

4. AT&T Stadium App

One of the things that makes the Cowboy’s stadium different from other stadium is that it has an app that one can download and do quite a lot either in or out of the stadium. With the app, it is possible to buy tickets, sell tickets and even access interactive maps. You can also replay games and much more. On non-match days, you can get schedules, matches and also purchase tickets.

5. Clothes Manufacturing

You will be thrilled to know that the Dallas Cowboys are the only National Football League team that manufactures their clothes. They also have a store where fans can buy all the branded clothing and gear that they ever want. This store is known as the Pro Shop and it is located inside the AT&T stadium.

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