5 Famous People Who Love Paint by Numbers

Bob Marley, Elvis, and Audrey Hepburn have all been the subjects of paint by numbers art. You can find a lot of fun icons to paint at Paintingkits.net including Salvador Dali and Marie Curie.

As it turns out, celebrities not only make excellent subjects for paint by numbers kits, they also make excellent painters. Modern celebrities are now embracing the wave of home DIY creative hobbies and they’re sharing them with the rest of us. Here are five famous folks who’ve caught the paint by numbers bug.

Paint by Numbers

Dakota Fanning

If you’re not familiar with this young actress, you might remember the roles she played instead. She was in three of the Twilight movies as the vampire Jane. Fanning also starred in Ocean’s 8, Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood, and Coraline (as the voice of Coraline).

She was recently a guest on the Kelly Clarkson talk show where she displayed some of her paint by numbers artistry. The host was impressed by the actress’s skills. Fanning said she has ordered multiple kits.

Sharon Stone

Stone has been in the spotlight for decades now. She was the sexy seductress in Basic Instinct, the wife of a gangster in Casino, and a horse whisperer in Running Wild. She suffered a stroke in 2001 that stalled her career, but she has slowly recovered.

She shared a video on Instagram of her very first paint by numbers art. It was a lovely pink group of peonies on a neutral background. In the video, she appears proud and shares an inspirational message.

Oprah Winfrey

You’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t know who Oprah is. She rose to power as an actress, starring in The Color Purple in 1985. Now she produces her famous talk show while still appearing in film. 

In 2019 and 2020, paint by numbers kits were on her famous “Favorite Things” list, a list of items she recommends in advance of the holiday shopping season. The kit is listed in her “for the family” section, likely because they’re the perfect gift for anyone old enough to hold a brush.

Andy Warhol

The artist who basically created the genre of pop art is known worldwide not just for his artwork but for his avant-garde personality. He’s been depicted as a character in many films, played by the likes of David Bowie, Bill Hader, and Crispin Glover.

Warhol loved experimenting with art as a form of social commentary. In the 1960s he used paint by numbers to express himself. One painting of sailboats was just acquired by the Warhol Museum of Art in Pittsburg. It’s part of a series they’ve long hoped to add to their collection.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Okay, so Da Vinci was gone way before paint by numbers was invented in the 1950s. So, he didn’t exactly order kits online. However, he did create the inspiration for paint by numbers in the mind of Dan Robbins.

Creator of the original Craft Master kits, Dan Robbins is credited with inventing the pastime. He said he was inspired by DaVinci, who used to give numbered patterns to his apprentices. They would use his patterns to fill in areas of his paintings when he didn’t have time.

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