5 Amazing Tricks To Gain Real and Unlimited Facebook Fanpage Likes (Free)

Being the most popular social network, Facebook is the main attraction for several brands and businesses. It contains maximum users among all the social networks so it also contains maximum readers and potential customers in every category. The best thing is that social network users always provide very high conversion rate.

That’s why, both online and offline brands struggle to create strong following and fan-base in this social network which is why they create Facebook fanpage and keep promoting it to attract more and more fans because users who like a fanpage become its permanent subscribers.

fanpage likes

Fanpage likers keep on receiving updates from the fanpage directly to their Facebook feed and hence, they stay connected with the brand, provide engagement to their articles, buy products, share interesting fanpage updates among their friends and hence help brand to increase their growth.

Fanpage is the most straight-forward way to interact with fans and keep them engaged but gaining followers (aka, page likers) is not easy especially if your brand is new because each like comes with great effort and every like counts. And, if your budget is limited then you can’t start promoting your Fanpage directly using Facebook Ads.

So, today I am telling you 5 cool hacks to gain real and unlimited fans to your Facebook fanpage. Add these tricks to your Facebook promotion tactics list, implement and see your Facebook fanpage grow insanely.

1. S4S Shoutout Exchange

S4S (aka Share 4 Share), also popular by terms – Share exchange, Like 4 Like, Like exchange on Facebook, is powerful technique to gain competitor brands’ followers. In this method, fanpages promote other pages among their fans by sharing the page, mentioning in their posts and asking their followers to like the mentioned fanpage. You can reach out to fanpages with same amount of fans and ask them to share your page with their fans and in return you will promote their fanpage through your fanpage.

S4S Facebook Group

If you have very few fans then you can search Facebook groups which provide S4S facilities by putting same keywords “Share 4 Share, Share exchange, Like 4 Like, Like exchange” in Facebook search box and join them. These group have hundreds of page owners who provide both share exchange service (free) as well promotion service at very small price.

2. Like Exchange Websites

How about you like someone’s fanpage and they like yours? This is the simple concept behind like exchange websites. There are several popular like-exchange websites on Internet where you can sign up for free, add your fanpage’s link. Then can earn points by liking other’s post/page, commenting, sharing them, following people, etc. These points can then be utilized to gain likes to your own fanpage.

Exchange Likes Sites

You can also gain post likes, shares, comments, Twitter followers, tweets, retweets, Google+ followers, Youtube views etc. Some good like exchange websites are – AddMeFast.com, Like4Like.org.

3. Buying Likes and Followers

Buying Facebook Likes can also be a good way to increase fan-base of your fanpage. You can buy cheap facebook page likes through many Facebook groups, like exchange websites and freelance sites like Fiverr.com and Freelancer.com. But, I recommend you to buy only quality likes even at a bit high cost because fake page likes will not benefit you in anything else then increasing likers count because unlike Twitter, people cannot even see which people are liking your pages on Facebook. So, your main focus should be to gain engagement to your page that can come from only real people who liked your fanpage.

real fb page likes

4. Merge Duplicate Page Trick

Do you know if you have two fanpages of same name (and not URL) then Facebook allows you to merge small page’s fans to large fanpage? And, do you know you can convert your Facebook profile to fanpage? Well, we are going to use both these lesser-known features of Facebook to boost your fanpage with thousands of likes instantly. Follow steps provided below to do this trick:

Step 1 – Create Facebook profile and gain followers

Firstly, you need to create an attractive Facebook profile. Now starting engaging with Facebook groups and other people to gain friends & profile followers. To gain lots of followers, you can join ‘add me’ groups on Facebook which are usually followers exchange groups.

One more smart way to gain lots of followers/friend requests is to join “adding game”. Search for the term adding game on Facebook, like related fanpages, join groups and engage with adding game posts.

In this adding game posts, people comment something and they need to add whoever likes their comment. So, you can comment and then like hundreds of above comments and hundreds of those commenters will add you/send you friend request.

Step 2 – Change Facebook Profile to a Facebook Page

Once you have gained enough of friend requests, add them to your friend list. Now, it is time to turn your popular Facebook profile to a Facebook fanpage. To do this, just visit this Facebook support page and follow provided steps – Convert your profile into a Facebook Page.

Convert Facebook profile to a fanpage

Make sure to enter exactly same name of your main Facebook fanpage while converting your profile into a fanpage. Just change the URL (but not page name) if Facebook tells you the name is not available.

Step 3 – Merge Facebook Pages

Once you have done this, do a double-check to verify if both fanpages have same name and same admin. If they don’t have same name, change name of your small page and if they don’t have same admins then transfer new fanpage to same admin and remove previous admin.

Now, visit merge duplicate pages form link, select both pages you want to merge and you are good to go.

Merge Duplicate Pages

Earlier, this trick is used by page developers to quickly develop their main fanpage by rinse and repeat process but now, as Facebook manually reviews both duplicate fanpages, so it becomes comparatively hard to merge fanpages again and again. Still, you can merge duplicate pages for once and with a limit of 5000 friends on Facebook profile, you can gain up to 5000 page likes instantly if this trick is utilized at its best.

5. Self promotion

Last and most genuine tactic is self-promotion. Though very popular, but Facebook is ultimately just one website among millions of websites on the internet and most of the people visit websites not via Facebook but through search engines. So, for those people you can put Facebook Like box, like buttons on your website/blog, add plugins like social locker which unlocks important links/gifts/coupon code, etc. when a user like, tweet, +1 a post.


You can host giveaway or participate in other website’s giveaway, become sponsor or host and ask contestant to like your fanpage as one of the steps to complete the challenge. In this way, you will gain most loyal fans and regular readers.

So, these were the top 5 most powerful tricks to gain unlimited and real Facebook fanpage likes and followers. Do you know any other smart trick? Do you have any thoughts about this article? Share them in comments below. 

Pursuing MCA from the University of Delhi, Saurabh Saha is an experienced blogger and internet marketer. Through his popular technology blogs: TechGYD.COM & Sguru.org, he is helping several brands to gain exposure in front of high-quality web visitors.