How to Access All Coursera Courses for Free?

According to the reports of CNBC “more than 150 universities offered upwards of 4,000 courses through Coursera, which features over two dozen degree programs at prices that are lower than many in-person school offerings.”Before getting started in the elaborative discussion about how to avail Coursera courses at free cost, it is important to know what Coursera actually is. Coursera Inc. is an e-learning platform that provides online education to the interested peoples. This website is founded by Andrew Ng and Daphne Kollar who are computer science professors of Stanford University in the year of 2012.

This particular educational courses site is multilingual and available for all in almost 40 languages. Coursera works widely in collaboration with different colleges, universities and other educational institutions and also provides regular online courses to the students along with providing them related certifications and degrees after completion of the specific courses. The website has the facility of worldwide online course services and anyone can access his or her desired online classes from any corner of the world.

Get Coursera Courses FREE

At present the user count of the site is more than 77 million and it became a very popular e-learning platform among the students as well as other apprentices because of its multiple collections of courses that help the students to boost up their skills in their desired subjects. Moreover, the courses of this site help the users to grow their workforce developments in various businesses and also in governmental organizations. It is indeed a good step in order to democratize education for all. There are a lot of meritorious students all over the globe that can not complete their higher education because of the expensive education fees. With the help of Coursera Inc., those interested people would be able to fulfill their goals. You can access all the Coursera course classes of your desired subjects for free if you just want to learn from the classes. But in case if you want to include those course certification degrees in your job resume you require the website authority to pay a certain amount of money which is still cheaper than regular college or university’s session fees.

But here we are talking about free Coursera courses. Coursera offers almost 110 free online courses for the interested users that include personal development, computer science, coding, public health, arts and humanities, business, Cloud and tech, languages, physical science, data science, astronomy, engineering and so many more.

To avail and have accessibility of all the Coursera courses on your desired subjects, you require to login to Coursera Inc. and register your ID. In this article we will profile up the procedures of accessing all the Coursera courses for free in step by step.

Let’s figure out those steps:

Google for and sign up to create an account

At the beginning you need to search for Coursera’s official website and create a free account. Registering your account to will allow you to access the free of cost courses and also allows you to enroll your name for availing free course classes.

Sign up procedure is really easy and it would not take more than 30 secs to create an account in To open an account on the Coursera website you just need to enter your name, valid email address and a password. There are a lot of options to create an account like Google, Facebook, Apple and so many others.

Coursera Sign Up

Go through different courses to find your desired ones

After creating your free personal account on the Coursera website, you would be eligible for searching and accessing more than 1000 different courses on various subjects. Such as, if you are interested in learning coding, you need to search for coding related courses and choose the suitable ones according to your requirements.

There are more than 100 courses available for every particular subject or topic and most of them are freely accessible. You can choose courses for your desired subjects on the basis of the best experts’ recommendations, previous students’ reviews and ratings. You would also be able to know the name of the colleges or universities that are offering courses in collaboration with Coursera along with the types of courses offered.

After selecting your courses you would need to be enrolled in your name for attending free course classes. There are two prior methods available for free accessions of the courses. If you want to enroll yourself for single courses, just search for desired courses and pick single courses on your subject for free. But if you are planning for doing specialization courses and also to have professional certification degrees, you should select them accordingly. The steps would be like clicking on

  • “Courses”
  • “Specialization”
  • “Professional Certificate”

Tap on the tab “Enroll for free”

After completing the course selection process, you would be automatically directed to the landing page which will provide you further information about your selected courses. If you get convinced with the given details, you can book your free courses by clicking on “Enroll for free”.

Check the tab “Audit the single course”

Once you take your free enrollment, you would become eligible for accessing your desired course for a trial period of 7 days. Coursera will want you to tap on the Top “trial period” tab, just skip to the blue link which would be given under the “free trial” tab that would be labeled as ” Audit the single course” which means you are allowed to join the course for free. Just keep yourself updated with the upgrades of Coursera, otherwise you will lose your free courses.

Join your desired free courses

After free enrollment you will have the complete access of your desired subject courses including online syllabus, course resources, discussion forums, study videos etc. But the only one unfortunate thing is that when you enroll for a single course, you would not be able to receive any completion certificate or any kind of tests. To procure assessments you need to pay a minimal amount from $49 to maximum amount of $200.

How to access free professional certificate course or specialization

If you want to enroll for special courses other than a single course for free, you have to skip the free enrollment tab and tap on the trial course tab. So, that you will be able to choose suitable certification courses for you after attending trial courses.

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