Backup Full DVD Losslessly with MacX DVD Ripper PRO

In the past few years, the trend to watch movies has completely changed and, along with it, the sources from where we used to watch movies traditionally. Few years ago, movie fans used to buy or rent a DVD to watch movies or get the latest songs in the best quality. Even in the present days, movies come to the DVD store quickly and later online.

By now, you must have a big collection of DVDs at your home. However, DVD movies come with their own set of problems. First, if you have rented it, you have very limited time to watch all the movies. Then, you need to have DVD Player attached to your TV in order to watch movies from it. If you have purchased the movie DVD, then, with each run, it gets permanent scratches which can destroy its content quicker than you think.

Movies on TV

So, the smartest escape from all these issues is to create a backup of the DVD while you have it. However, you can’t directly just copy and paste DVD contents because it will destroy the hierarchy & linking of the DVD menu, its movies and chapters have. You need a dedicated tool and that’s why I am here to introduce a very efficient software to backup the DVDs: MacX DVD Ripper PRO.

What is MacX DVD Ripper PRO?

Available for both Windows and Apple Mac operating systems, MacX DVD Ripper PRO is a powerful software to backup home DVDs, movies DVDs as well as protected DVDs into MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, H.264, iPhone/iPad, Android Phone, Mobile devices, Apple TV, iTunes, iDVD and many other popular video formats without compromising original quality of the DVD movies.

MacX DVD Ripper PRO is the fastest DVD backup program which takes only 5 minutes to convert a 2 hour long DVD movies using its most advanced level-3 hardware acceleration technology which otherwise will take over 1 hour with any other DVD backup tool. MacX DVD Ripper PRO supports all type of DVDs including newly released as well as old format DVDs, TV Series DVDs, workout DVDs, self-created DVDs as well as damaged or unplayable DVDs either in their original video format by creating ISO disk image or in desired video format which is supported by the device where you want to play your DVD videos.

MacX DVD Ripper

Features of MacX DVD Ripper PRO

MacX DVD Ripper PRO was launched just a few years ago and within this short time, it has overtaken all the topmost DVD backup software, all thanks to the stunning features this cool DVD backup software is equipped with. It has finally provided the users with all the tools they always wanted but couldn’t get with other DVD backup tools. Let me tell you about all those amazing features of MacX DVD Ripper PRO in this section:

Simple & Straightforward User Interface

MacX DVD Ripper PRO is very easy to use. Open the software and you’ll instantly know what each button is for. If you have loaded DVD, click DVD button available on the top-left corner, if you have ISO image of DVD, click on the ISO button. You can browse DVD Folder also, clear loaded list or preview any video file on the mini video player provided on the right side.

MacX DVD Ripper PRO Output Profiles

As soon as you browse your DVD, MacX DVD Ripper PRO will automatically load its titles and open its Output profiles windows. Here, from the output profile categories listed on the left side, you can either go to DVD Backup section to create full, partial DVD backup and clone DVD in a blank DVD. So, if you have ever wondered how to copy a DVD to Mac, this software has already shown you the way.

Visit General profiles, Apple device, Android device, Web profiles sections to output DVD videos in popular MP4, WMV, AVI, FLV etc. formats in exact resolution, aspect ratio and video extensions supported by your device.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro Apple Formats

Level-3 Hardware Acceleration

Level-3 Hardware Acceleration is the proprietary technology which boosts DVD decoding, processing and encoding time to provide full DVD backup of a standard 4.7G DVD under 10 minutes in comparison to other DVD processing software which take 2 to 3 hours. This technology is supported by all new Intel and nVidia equipped systems. So, whether you are using Windows or Mac systems, MacX DVD Ripper Pro will allow you to create backup or DVD at insane 320 frames per second speed.

High-quality processing

To optimize the time and resources well, MacX DVD Ripper PRO uses automatic settings which provide good output for both DVD backup and DVD conversion. But, if you are strict about DVD video quality, you can check “Use High Quality Engine” option and the software will losslessly backup/convert your select DVD videos or full DVD.

High Quality Engine

You are also provided with “Safe Mode” which allows you to pause/resume the process if any error comes. Moreover, you can choose from 1 to 4 CPU cores that you would like to allow MacX DVD Ripper PRO to use.

Smart AI

MacX DVD Ripper PRO is equipped with smart artificial intelligence which automatically detects optimized settings, choose the correct title from 99+ titles of your DVD, while this minimizes half of your task, it also makes the process hassle-free.

More cool features

  • TAG Editor to manually modify & add name, artists, genre to each title.
  • Crop or Trim any video, add subtitles, manage volume.
  • Selectively backup and convert videos.

Wrapping it Up

I have personally used MacX DVD Ripper PRO to back up many of my old movie DVDs and find each feature of the software very helpful. At just $29.95, it is the best DVD processing software I can find in the market. MacX DVD Ripper comes with a free trial version for users who are still in doubt.

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MacX DVD Ripper PRO Giveaway

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