Best Blog Niches You Might Not Have Considered

Are you thinking of launching your own blog but are struggling to pick a niche? Here are some amazing ideas to base your blog around and some tips on where to start!


The iGaming industry encompasses online casinos, sports betting, and gaming platforms. If you’re not already familiar with the sector, you’ll likely find it covers much more ground than you may have expected. Lots of online casino sites offer not just the classics that you’re familiar with but also hybrid games like slingo bingo. These games take slots and bingo and combine the best of the two, including a vast range of different themes and graphics not far off what we’ve seen in the selection of slot games over the last decade or so.

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With this and the fact that the global iGaming industry is worth close to $90 billion and growing at almost 10% yearly, there’s plenty of intrigue for you to capture in your own blog centered around virtually any iGaming topic. For example, you could launch a blog where you review different slots and then inform readers where they can play these games. Alternatively, you could review sportsbooks or write more technical content where you explore encryption and slot machine mathematics.

Your blog can be truly global and appeal to hundreds of millions of people around the world who are looking for well-informed iGaming content.

Technology and Gadgets

Virtually everyone has a TV, laptop, and smartphone, and there are a whole host of other gadgets, from VR to smartwatches, which have millions of potential consumers. The great thing about tech is that it’s constantly evolving, and people are constantly updating their current models and stack. As a tech enthusiast, you can inform your readers about the best type of TV, phone, desktop, monitor, and everything you can think of and get paid a healthy commission when they follow your advice and make the purchase.

While this niche is no doubt competitive, people have been saying that for the last 15 years, yet that hasn’t stopped thousands and thousands of new successful blogs popping up. You just need to find a fresh angle and niche down to something that you are very familiar with so you can provide truly unique and informative content.

Finance and Investments

The finance and investment niche caters to individuals seeking financial literacy, investment opportunities, and wealth-building strategies. More and more people are signing up to investment trading platforms and purchasing financial courses, insurance, or other financial products, so it’s another interesting sector to monitor and comment on.

The financial and investment niche is so big that you can find small niches that aren’t being covered in-depth and then aim to provide well-researched content. This niche can be initially difficult to break into, but you can still find gaps in information content that other blogs are yet to fill.

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If you are going to launch a finance blog, you need to have expert knowledge on the subject or hire writers who do. From day one, you need to demonstrate to your readers that you are trustworthy and provide accurate, helpful information in an easy-to-access format.

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