Best Cricket Competitions To Bet On

The sport of cricket is played throughout the year, but the summer is where the competition really heats up, especially on cricket betting sites. But, which tournaments should punters be keeping an eye on to maximize their returns?

ICC Cricket World Cup

The most prestigious and one of the most enjoyable competitions of the cricket calendar is the ICC Cricket World Cup.  It claims to be the most viewed event in the cricketing world, and see a host of teams compete for the highest honour. To do so, they must get through four stages; the Super 8, Super 6, semi-finals and the final. The competition is played every four years and is one of the showpiece events of the world sporting calendar.

Cricket Competitions

ICC Champions Trophy

The second most important competition on the cricket calendar is the battle for the ICC Champions Cup. It is an invitational tournament, where teams battle in a knockout competition before eventually crowning the winner.

T20 World Cup

The world of T20 cricket is ever-expanding, and with that comes the increased attendances and popularity of the World Cup. The first instalment of this competition came in 2011 and was won by India. The excitement in this variation of the sport is second to none, as teams are forced to try and score high run totals. The T20 game is soaring at present, which means more and more nations will be competing in the World Cup in the future.

The Ashes

Test cricket remains the diehard’s true version of the game, and the battle between Australia and England is as heated as it gets. The five-series test match dominates the talk of the cricketing world, and much of both countries famous moments in the sport down the years have come from this series. The side that is currently holding the Urn has a huge advantage as they can merely draw the series to retain their honour. The pressure is on the losing side to win the Urn back. That adds just another layer of excitement into the series. 

Indian Premier League

The most-watched sport in India is the IPL. The tournament takes place over three months in the summer and unites younger players, Indian players and lucrative international talents. The competition has expanded hugely since its maiden showing six seasons ago. It makes for an interesting competition to bet on, and the excitement that comes with watching the IPL can’t be beaten.

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