How to Invest Money Through an App

Can you invest money through an app? The answer is yes. With the advances in technology in the world today, there is hardly anything that cannot be delivered using an app. There is an app for mutual funds too. Why, not just one, there are a number of mutual fund apps and websites that help you invest money online. But here we will talk about how you can choose the best investment app out of many in India, and also about the advantages of money investment apps.

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The ABC of Investment

Before we go into that, let us talk about how the investment works. Mutual funds, in particular, are a popular investment instrument among investors these days. Do you need an app for that? Mutual fund investment is conventionally done through a broker or an agent who will gain a commission out of your investment. Can you invest without an agent? Absolutely yes. There is an option of investing directly in any mutual fund without the involvement of a third party. You can make use of the websites or online transaction platforms of asset management companies to do that.

The chief concern among investors when they try to invest directly is that they feel confused by the different mutual funds available. It is hard to keep track of developments in the market and choose a mutual fund suitable to your risk profile. It is natural to feel overwhelmed by the number and types of funds available.

Why Invest Through an App?

This is where an app comes in handy. There are various benefits of investing money through an app. Best investment apps give you a variety of options listed in a systematic manner. Best apps to invest in Mutual funds have proven their merit in providing hassle-free services. Some apps operate completely free of cost, giving you room to invest freely and without any hidden charges.

In addition, outlined here are a few key features that make the best investment apps a treat:

  • Paperless Transaction: investing online through an app has minimal procedure involved. There is no paperwork because all the requirement can be met completely online. This includes registration, KYC and even setting up a SIP.
  • Personalized reports: detailed and personalized reports of your investment are available at the touch of an icon. This helps you to stay on top of your investment portfolio and keep in touch with developments at all times.
  • Tracking: In addition to this, there are features in the best investment apps that allow you to compare different funds to analyze which is the best for you. It is possible to track your external regular investments, even if it was done through a third party. If you are convinced about the advantages of direct investment, there is an easy option to switch to direct investment from regular.
  • Zero Commission: unlike financial distributors and agents, apps do not charge you a commission for investing in mutual funds. Some apps facilitate services completely free of cost, and without any hidden charges too. It is up to an investor to try and find out which is the best among these mutual fund apps.
  • SIP: Systematic investment plan or SIP is a facility that allows one to invest in small amounts over a long time. Setting up a SIP is a matter of minutes through an app. This may take longer and more paperwork when done offline. To check what your SIP amount is, visit an online SIP Calculator.
  • Assistant: in a mutual fund app, the role of the financial adviser is taken over by an online assistant which will keep a record of your profile, investment behavior, trends in the market and so on.

We have told you all the reasons why you should switch to an app right now. Good luck finding your own best app to invest!

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