Best Web Design Companies in Detroit

Web design plays a critical role in the creation and maintenance of websites. There are numerous aspects of web design like interface design, graphic design, Search Engine Optimization etc. that are taken care of by a professional webdesign company. Different teams are allocated for each aspect of the design process.

Usually, in small-sized organizations, one team covers the entire process, but in mid-sized or large organizations there are different teams for different design processes. To help you find the best website design agency for your business, we have collated a list of some of the popular web design agencies in Detroit.


KitelyTech is a full-service technology consulting, design and development agency having its offices in Detroit, New York, Atlanta, Charlotte, Austin, Phoenix, Chicago, and Miami. It has a skilled and experienced team of professionals to help its clients get what they expect. They have superb designers, developers, testers, and project managers to make a project successful.

The agency aims at delivering services with transparency, good customer service, and efficient execution which is the foundation of its business too. Since its inception in 2009, KitelyTech has served a range of clients ranging from healthcare to technology to the oil and gas sector. It serves both established and startup companies.

Reed Dynamic

Reed Dynamic was started as a web designing agency. It creates intuitive, sleek, and highly converting websites that enhance your brand images and drives traffic. It is a full-service digital marketing and IT services agency that aims to maximize the success of its clients online and offline.

It was founded back in 2010 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The company specializes in Web Design, Web Development, Web Hosting, Digital Marketing, and other IT services. Its team comprises of programmers, developers, designers, network engineers, and social consultants whose creativity will make a difference.

Detroit Labs

Established in 2011, Detroit Labs is a custom website design and development agency that designs and builds web and mobile products through a well-practiced culture of teamwork, growth, and opportunity. The agency is prominent in designing experiences that change the way users interact with their favorite brands.

They are proficient enough to work with your team to find what can make the biggest impact. After finding what you need and what is best for you, they work to turn your stellar idea into reality. Everything looks possible when Detroit Labs work with you.

The Marketing Co.

The Marketing Co. is a popular, award-winning internet marketing agency based in Detroit. It operates on the philosophy to bring honesty and results to the marketing agency. It believes in providing industry-leading marketing campaigns that are driven by success.

The agency strives to deliver better results to help brands succeed in this digital world. Web design is the core of solid marketing and the agency works to create an awesome design that can reach out to the world. If you are looking to hire a dedicated web design and marketing agency, The Marketing Co. is worth considering.

Hexagon Creative

Hexagon Creative is another value-driven, ambitious, and focused web design agency in Detroit that specializes in different aspects of marketing including Website Design, SEO, WordPress, Graphic Design, and more. Hexagon Creative can be your next web design partner if you have an ambitious project in mind.

The skilled and experience team of the agency is always eager to work on ideas that can illuminate the world. When it comes to designing, they are masters in creating aesthetic images that speak a thousand words.

Element5 Digital

Element5 Digital is a team of creative digital crafters who are passionate pioneers. They are here to make things better for their clients and creating memorable web experiences. They believe that traditional mediums are not dead, but need to be re-imagined. The agency aims to try new things every day in order to create something really awesome.

The Bottom Line

Web design is the foundation of any marketing effort that is taken to lead the business to success. A brand is looked like an image of its website and that needs to be awesome. So, hire a website design agency that can help you reinvent your brand image and establish your brand presence.

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