Aside from sports, which are the other betting categories with many fans in Canada?

The fact that so many people are interested in betting on sports makes it one of the preferred options for the majority of online bettors. Of course, sports betting is a lot more popular in some countries than in others, and Canada is among them.

There are a couple of different world-class sports betting websites that you can choose from, but Betway Canada provides a wide range of sports that may be more popular than the rest, which is why a lot of prefer choosing this option over the rest. The sports betting services here are like no other, which is why most people are happy with what’s available.

While talking about being happy, even the best sportsbooks can get boring after a while because people usually wager on the same thing. As a result, a lot of bettors in Canada are also actively looking for additional betting categories that they can use to have fun. Some of them are slightly more popular than the rest, so let’s learn more about them.

Online Casinos

Virtual Sports

A lot of people will find it strange that some bettors are willing to give up on betting on regular sports in favor of doing the same thing on virtual sports. However, those things have a lot of advantages, and many Canadian online bettors are familiar with them.

The virtual sports section consists of different simulations of real sports. Most places have football, horse racing, greyhound, motor racing, tennis, and basketball, but there might be instances with even more options.

Each of these virtual sports will offer a different event you can bet on. Unlike real sports, you can wager on this thing once every 2 or 5 minutes, and the markets will always provide higher odds than usual. Of course, since these games are virtual, you have to check things like the RTP chance and other important data that will show you how likely it is to win.

Aside from the high odds and the fact that these sports are available at a whim, V-Sports often include unique propositions that aren’t available when using other sections.

Scratch cards

There is no arguing that scratch cards are not on the same level as the sportsbook when it comes down to popularity. However, people who decide to try this option will see that they have some perks, such as the fact that they are always available. People do not need to do anything special to play because they will simply have to go to the specific section and decide which scratch card they want to put to the test.

Speaking of those things, some cards will be a lot more special because they will be based on a specific theme. Moreover, you can find a lot of surprises, such as exclusive bonuses or additional winnings.


It is no surprise that the casino section is also among the best, especially in some Candian provinces. People often get fed up with betting on sports and prefer to test their luck while playing slots and games with real casino dealers.

Online casinos in Canada come in a variety of shapes and forms and can provide all sorts of perks. There are dedicated websites that will only provide casino products, but users can also find special sections inside the regular sportsbook.

While talking about sections, some of the best casino companies will also have dedicated live casino sections where clients can experience some of the best games with croupiers. Those things will also give them more information about the given titles and see things, such as the minimum bet requirements.

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