Boost Your Instagram Popularity Automatically using Combin Tool

In this fast-forward world, the one who catches an emerging trend early and implements his strategies effectively becomes successful. Just a few years ago, every business was putting its total power in growing its Facebook presence. They were investing a hefty amount on Facebook Ads, creating interesting stuff on their Facebook page, producing viral videos just for Facebook to gain exposure and attract Facebook users to their business.

However, now, the trend is totally changed. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Snapchat etc. all these social networks are losing their popularity and Instagram is attracting their user base. Instagram is currently the fastest emerging social network to the date with over 1 billion active users. But, only very few brands have realized its potential so far.  If you are a brand or person who wants to become popular socially then Instagram is the best bet because not only it has less competition, the user community here is a lot more engaging than Facebook, Twitter or any other social network.

If you are planning to become popular on Instagram, you need to create regular post updates, interact with other users, follow alike users, chat with them, reply on comments, like/comments on their updates and do a lot of things to attract fans and build a highly engaging community around your Instagram account. This surely is going to take a lot of time, if you do it manually but, thanks to Combin, using it you can automate all these activities and boost your Instagram business.

What is Combin?

Combin is an Instagram marketing tool which lets you run your Instagram business on autopilot by automating all the important activities which you are required to do in order to make your Instagram profile more engaging and attract new real followers to your account as well. It allows you to level up your Instagram game without consuming your time and make sure you will get real likes, comments & followers.

Available as a small software tool for Windows, Mac OS and Linux, once you install Combin in your operating system and connect your Instagram account with it, you are ready to grow your Instagram account automatically using all sort of amazing features Combin provides you.

Features of Combin

Combin gives control over so many Instagram actions that, if you would start performing them manually, it will eat up your whole day, neither will you able to focus on your business or other important things, nor you will be able to get such awesome results which this Instagram tool can bring to your account without violating any Instagram TOS or putting your account at risk.

Using this tool you can, of course, create posts in advance, schedule hundreds of post to go live at the exact time and that’s just one of many amazing features that Combin provides. Check out some of the other cool features of this Instagram automation tool –

Advanced Instagram Search

With Combin, you can search for posts by hashtags, location or combine hastag+location to get the most relevant posts. Interact with these posts & potential customers who are also interested in such content, make them your permanent follower.

Targeted People Search

Instead of randomly following users, it’s wise to interact with people who interact with your competitors or similar posts because they have a high probability to interact with your brand too. Doing so, manually, is very time-consuming but Combin tool lets you find subscribers and commenters of your competitors or similar public Instagram account with just one click.

Search Posts and Users

Follow/Unfollow System

Easily manage your Instagram following and unfollowing. Follow users automatically and unfollow them also if they don’t follow you back after a certain amount of time. Use a wide variety of filters to find potential customers to follow, perform bulk following and unfollowing with a single click and keep every action in Instagram’s daily activity limit automatically.

Automatically Interact & Communicate

Automatically reply to a user’s comment, participate in discussions, DM your users, like/comment, perform different activities and skyrocket engagement of your account without doing anything manually. Define multiple templates, hashtags & formats to keep it all natural too.

Sort & Preview

Decide who to follow and with which post/users to interact with, not just by guessing but also searching & sorting Instagram results by relevance, hottest posts, most followed users, etc. so that you don’t have to struggle to find your targeted users & account quickly.

Handle Multiple Accounts

Have more than one Instagram account which you want to grow? Don’t worry, Combin got you covered. Combine Instagram marketing tool can handle multiple accounts seamlessly and allow you to automate activities on each of them.

Combin Login Screen

And, the best thing is that unlike Buffer, Regrann or any other semi-automation tool, you don’t need to keep the app opened in your smartphone or PC in order to let Combin perform automatic actions, you can just define desired actions for specific Instagram account, even if your Instagram is not opened or you don’t even have the internet connection active on your smartphone, defined actions will be performed without any issues.

Download Combin for Instagram

Combin with different pricing plans – Free, Personal and Business with different limits on the number of activities that you can perform with this Instagram automation tool. With Free Plan, you can download and test all the functionality of the software without paying any penny. When you are satisfied with Combin and ready to perform serious business, go ahead with purchasing Personal or Business plan as your business demands and grow your Instagram with this tool.

Pursuing MCA from the University of Delhi, Saurabh Saha is an experienced blogger and internet marketer. Through his popular technology blogs: TechGYD.COM &, he is helping several brands to gain exposure in front of high-quality web visitors.