Brosix – Secure Instant Messaging App for Your Company

What is Brosix?

Brosix Instant Messenger is an IM platform specifically designed with business in mind. Utilizing the latest instant messaging technology and available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Web, Brosix allows your employees, customers, and clients improved yet simplified communication and collaboration through instant messages, group chats, voice and video calls, and a slew of other handy features and conveniences. Coupled with the enterprise and corporate features to meet the demands of the modern workplace, as well as the latest security and data protection, Brosix offers a multi-functional and easy-to-use business solution in a neat all-in-one package.

Below we’ll show you some of the other features Brosix has to offer the world of business IM!

Messaging, Chat, and Data Transfer

Brosix is above all an IM platform providing your workplace real-time communication and collaboration. One-on-one chat and voice chat means, regardless of the situation, you can reach your team in the right way. For those occasions when an IM or voice call just isn’t enough, video chat keeps you connected, but with the personalization of a face-to-face meeting.

Groups Chats

Chat rooms and text conferences allow you to facilitate group communication at a distance, and if need be, create a dedicated chat space for a specific topic regarding specific team members. Chat rooms provide space for recurring communication regarding ongoing issues and even keep track of chat history while text conferences facilitate quick communication regarding an issue, short-term project, and can be set up and taken down on the go.

Text Conferencing

Tabbed Chats

You can even follow multiple chats from a single chat window with the tabbed chat feature, providing you the power to switch back and forth between chats without missing any recent messages.

Remote Screen Sharing and Co-browsing

If you’ve ever had to explain to someone how to configure their computer, or tried to demonstrate a presentation, you know how frustrating it can be when even small distances are involved. The ability to share your screen and all its contents make collaborating easier and more meaningful. Better yet, with Brosix’s Co-Browsing feature you can browse websites together. Couple both of these features with voice chat and workplace collaboration is authentic, streamlined, and constructive.

Screen Shot

Sometimes all that’s needed to clarify things is a simple screenshot. These days it’s all about convenience and Brosix delivers a way of quickly sharing content in just two-steps. Simply choose a name from your online contact list or open chat window, select “Screenshot” on the right of your contact list, and voila! It’s that simple.

Unlimited File-size Transfer

Brosix automatically compresses and encrypts all files so you can enjoy unlimited file-size transfer. Moreover, you can rest easy as Brosix scans both sent and received files, while its P2P sharing technology means that files are never exposed to outside sources. What’s more, the number of ways to transfer files is seemingly endless. Dragging and dropping the file directly into the chat, contact list, or even voice or audio chat are just a few of the ways Brosix makes file-sharing easy.

Virtual Whiteboard

As more and more of us take advantage of the opportunity to work remotely, not only is keeping in touch key, but also finding new ways to collaborate on and execute projects which would otherwise be done together in a traditional office setting. One of the nifty features of Brosix is its Virtual Whiteboard, allowing you to display, collaborate on, and visualize in real-time pictures, drawings, flow charts, and diagrams. It can be accessed by selecting a contact and clicking on the “Whiteboard” icon.

Enterprise and Corporate Features

While Brosix’s unique and easy to use application features simplify workplace collaboration in real-time, its host of useful enterprise and corporate features ensure efficiency and productivity.

A Private Messaging Network

As a private chat network, you can rest assured that only authorized users join your network and take advantage of the features Brosix offers; keeping your employees’ communications business oriented, and importantly, protected from online security threats. Through the Web Control Panel you can fully control your network – setting user level permissions, tracking communications, and enabling/disabling features such as text chat, voice and video chat, file transfer, and more per individual user. All communications are available only to authorized users within your network.

Customized Contact Groupings

For those overseeing multiple teams, customized contact groupings are a useful feature, allowing groups to be tailored to specific projects, interests, or communication needs. Let’s say you’ve got a sales team and a marketing team, you can allow the sales and marketing managers to communicate directly while leaving the other users to communicate inside their department.

Managing User Accounts

Once a group network has been created, you can either create user accounts for your team or allow users to create their own accounts. Either way, for truly efficient and productive communication and in step with workplace internal communication policies, you’ll have the power to control which users communicate between themselves, as well as which users have access to which features and the data they can access; all on an individual or team network-wide basis.

User Accounts

Chat History

If you’ve ever tried to recall the details from a conversation the next day, you know it can be a challenge. Brosix conveniently allows you to choose the relevant users and time frame, then display the chat history. As some organizations are required by law to keep a log of their employees’ communication channels. Brosix’s Chat History Archive makes this an easy process. Simply activate the User History Archive through the Web Control Panel.

Chat Room Controls

Enterprise customers who have completed the 4.0 update and are on the Ultimate Plan have a host of new features, from creating and closing chat rooms, adding and deleting users, and creating open and locked chat rooms.

Streamlined Contact Sharing

Whether you’re just now making the switch to Brosix or are a longtime user and need to share a contact with a client, Brosix streamlines the sharing of contacts. From the “Web Control Panel” navigate to “Users” and select “Import User Accounts,” or “Export User Accounts.”

Welcome Module

What’s more, the Welcome module gives you the option to share news flashes, including URL links, on user platforms meaning your team, customers, and clients are always in the loop with the latest company news.


Security has never been more important and Brosix has taken numerous steps to ensure that your data is secure and never compromised by outside sources. First and foremost, all communications through the platform are subject to data compression and encryption, guaranteeing that only authorized users can interpret the data on Brosix’s servers. And speaking of servers, Brosix’s meet the highest security standards, are regularly backed up by way of a distributed and redundant system, and most importantly, customer data is never stored on them. Closer to home, Brosix safeguards the data on your device by scanning all incoming files via your antivirus software.

Are you getting the most out of Brosix? To see what else the IM platform can do, check out its other useful and easy-to-use instant messaging features.

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