Can you Trade Cryptocurrency for the Whole Year?

Cryptocurrency is a volatile asset that experiences many ups and downs in its value. Unlike trading in stocks, cryptocurrency is not traded on the regulated exchange. Though the Cryptocurrency market is open 24/7, people often want to know the best time to trade is? Can you trade in crypto for a whole year? Is there any best seasons, day, or hour? It is crucial to know about it because that will help you make more profit than the average days.

Cryptocurrency is traded by investors for 24 hours worldwide; there is no timing for training in cryptocurrency. But before you invest in crypto, you need to keep a few things in your mind, and those are as follow-

  • A person should never take big bets unless they are familiar with the arena. They need to understand the prospects and value before allocating them.
  • Before you start trading with bitql official site, you must use a trustworthy platform because every platform has its terms & conditions, so make sure you keep everything in mind.
  • Most people suffer from a lack of information about crypto, affecting the investor. That is why an investor should never act on the available tips without verifying.
  • Never ignore the tax payable on the income you have received from the crypto trading. Though these currencies are not mentioned in the Income Tax Act, still it is treated as assets.

The market flow of crypto varies depending on the cryptocurrency you are buying. If you want to be intent on the timing of a crypto purchase, you must analyze the history of investments. When you keep these things in mind, then trading will become a lot more simple, and then you will understand the time when you can trade correctly.

Trade Cryptocurrency

When is the right time to purchase cryptocurrency?

The best time to invest in crypto is when you are ready for that purpose. First, you need to have proper knowledge about cryptocurrency. If you are using the dollar-cost approach, that will be the best thing to do. Then, you will be able to control the inconstancy of the cost and even help avoid the ups and downs you face in trading.

A person needs to understand that they should never invest more in crypto than they are willing to lose. They should know their limits because you never know what will happen in the future. Of course, you cannot guarantee your success; some people have gained many benefits or earned a considerable amount of money because of the right purchase at the right time. But you need to know that it is just because they are lucky and not because of the market’s timing.

Best time of the day

As mentioned above, there is no perfect time to trade in crypto; you can do that all day long, even after midnight. It does not matter where you live; you can trade any time of the day, which will be specific. But still, if you will analyze the data of the back few months, you can emerge a pattern and get to know about the things in more detail. By comparing the different activities at different times of the day with different crypto-currency, you will get a better idea.

There are several crypto-currency available; you can look over them and choose the best one! If you look at the data of the last few months, then the best time to purchase the crypto was in the morning. Therefore, the earlier you buy the crypto, the better option you will get at a better price.

Best time of the week

Just the way you can get the idea about the best time of the day, you can also know about the best time of the week to purchase the crypto. Though things are changing, you need to consider the different things and determine the best time of the week by analyzing the past results. The best time of the week is Thursday when you can consider purchasing the crypto-currency. That is why if you want to purchase the crypto, then consider getting it on Thursday morning. The second best day to purchase is Monday, and after that, Friday and Saturday.

Best time of the Month

With the introduction of crypto, things are changing a lot, so you need to be more concerned about these things. While buying crypto, if you are looking for the right time, then you should consider it at the end. Because at the end of the month, there will be a collapse in the prices because most people prefer to send the crypto.

How to make the best decision with crypto?

Several things can affect the investment. It can be tricky to make the best out of the cryptocurrency and eliminate the risk. But if you think that you have put the best bet, it will hold on for a long time and buy you more time. Investing in crypto means getting a thriller experience for the investor! If you are investing in crypto, make sure that you consider all the elements and then make the right decision.

The Final Words

A person can invest in crypto anytime they want as it is the market that works 24/7 and gives equal access to every investor. But it is sometimes perfect for the investors as they can get the assets or crypto at a low price.

The best way to know about the right time of purchasing crypto is to analyze the past pattern to predict the future of the crypto. Once you invest in crypto, investing and forgetting is the best strategy one can consider!

Ranbeer Maver is a Computer Science undergraduate. He's a geek who embraces any new consumer technology with inhuman enthusiasm.