CBD Oil: How Does it Work?

Anyone who follows the current product market for natural remedies and the latest trends in natural medicine will quickly come across CBD oil.

But what’s behind this hype? What are the effects, benefits and dangers behind it? We want to give you answers to your questions and take a closer look at CBD.

Thanks to well-known and top-end companies, we can access to CBD products online such as such as CBD Oil.

CBD products and uses

Cannabidiol oils, or CBD oils, are the least processed and most natural CBD products. They are obtained directly from the cannabis plant and are present both in the seeds, as well as in flowers and stems. CBD is contained in different concentrations in these oils.

Then most other CBD products on the market are produced by incorporating CBD oils to other components to create new CBD products.

  • CBD Oils

The most effective is the oils, which contain all-natural cannabis compounds. But be careful, THC and other cannabinoids can also occur here.

When you purchase quality CBD oil, you can find different dosages. Usually between 5% and 20% CBD in the oil. It corresponds to a proportion of 1000 mg cannabidiol per 10 ml CBD oil.

  • CBD concentrate

Furthermore, there is also CBD concentrate, mostly in the form of drops, to buy. Here the CBD concentration is higher, which also changes the dosage. As a tip for beginners:

Test a lower dose before using a concentrate. This way, you can test the effects and reactions of your body first.

  • CBD tincture

In tinctures, the active ingredients are extracted with the help of alcohol. This method is often used because it can measure precisely how much CBD is contained. Flavours or other oils are also usually processed here.

  • CBD capsules

The CBD capsules are a convenient method. A significant disadvantage is that the dose cannot be individually dosed.

  • CBD lotions, gels, plasters

There are also CBD products that absorb the active ingredients through the skin. These include lotions, gels and plasters, which are applied directly to the surface, and the CBD gets into the blood.

This method is recommended if an effect on the skin, muscles and joints is to be achieved.

  • Food with CBD: chewing gum, candy, coffee, etc.

There are more and more legal cannabis products with CBD connection on the market. These are very popular. You can discover almost everything from chewing gum to coffee. The disadvantage of these products is that it is not possible to determine precisely how much the body absorbs CBD.

  • CBD powder

CBD can also be taken in powder form. Here the powder is dissolved in liquid. Please note, high-quality powders are enriched with little additives and fillers. So it’s worth taking a look at the ingredients.

  • CBD sprays

If you want to test a lower dose, sprays are also recommended. The liquid is sprayed directly into the mouth here.

Other products and income opportunities

In addition to the income options described above, inhalation solutions, smoking products and teas can also be found on the market.

How do you take CBD products?

Please read the respective package insert carefully and be careful with the dosage at the beginning.

  • Taking CBD oil

CBD oil is usually filled with a dropper in a bottle. The dose is generally instilled under the tongue and swallowed after a short period of action.

  • Taking CBD capsules

CBD capsules are taken orally, with plenty of water.

  • Taking CBD tinctures and concentrates

CBD tinctures and concentrates are also taken orally and mostly placed under the tongue.

  • Ingestion through the skin

For this purpose, the lotion or gel is applied directly to the skin and is absorbed through the skin layers.

Patches are applied according to the instructions and have a similar effect.

  • Food with CBD

Chewing gums, candies, coffee, etc. are eaten, sucked or drunk in the specified dosage, depending on the product.

  • CBD powder

The CBD powder is dissolved in water and drunk. Depending on the product, it can also be dissolved in juice or other liquids.

  • CBD spray

Depending on the instructions, the spray is applied directly into the mouth with individual sprays, usually 2-3.

The correct dose of CBD oil

First of all, it is essential to read the attached description carefully. Please also pay attention to the amount of CBD in the respective product. It is usually stated in milligrams or per cent. As already described, there is usually 5-20% cannabidiol in the oil. CDD oil 10% is often offered.

In the UK, CBD oil is one of the nutritional supplements. What is very confusing, manufacturers and retailers are not allowed to recommend and list doses.

It usually starts with a low CBD content in the oil, e.g. 5%. When you begin taking, for example, three drops, morning and evening are sufficient for the test phase. Depending on the severity of the symptoms, the dose can be increased.

Everybody reacts differently to certain substances, including cannabis compounds such as CBD. As a general rule, start with a low dosage and adjust it if necessary.

It helps to document precisely whether and how the desired health effect is shown. Talk to your doctor about the right dosage, depending on the situation and symptoms. The individual body weight should also be included in the dosage.

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