You’re Looking Fit: A Complete Guide to Men’s Athletic Style in 2020

Want to look great while getting fit? We can help you out with that! Read on for a guide to men’s athletic style that’ll make you turn heads.

Athletic wear for men used to be pretty limited and utilitarian. The choices were basic tees, shorts, and sweats.

Today, athletic style for men isn’t just about what you can wear to the gym. There’s an entire line of athletic street style apparel that brings the comfort of gym clothes to everyday life. Even simple items like custom ankle socks can raise the comfort level and make the athlete more focused on his performance. 

Keep reading to learn more about how to stay stylish without sacrificing that comfortable, lowkey gym vibe.

Athletic Style

Men’s Athletic Style

The number one thing to keep in mind when choosing athletic style clothing is that you’re going for a comfortable look that appears trendy without trying too hard. If that sounds easy, think again. There’s a huge difference between looking like you hit the gym at lunch and looking like you should actually be at home on the couch binge-watching Netflix.

The main rule to avoid the latter is to mix and match. Leaving the house in a full sweatsuit and sneakers screams “I didn’t take a shower today”. Instead, pair athletic styled clothing with traditional streetwear to class it up.

How to Style Athletic Shoes

A great pair of sneakers can instantly make an outfit more casual. Pairing athletic shoes with jeans, a tee, and a blazer is a perfect look for casual Fridays at the office or running errands around town.

How to Style Athletic Shorts and Pants

Gone are the days of boring gym shorts. Today, you can find options that include different materials and weights, pockets, and all kinds of techy upgrades like breathable fabrics.

And gym pants aren’t just for warmups anymore. Say goodbye to your grandpa’s elastic band sweats—you can choose between trendy sweat pants, leggings, and joggers to complete your fresh from the gym look.

Athletic shorts are easily dressed up with a fun pair of socks. Pair joggers with sneakers, a sweatshirt, jacket, scarf, and beanie for a trendy, laid back fall and winter look.

How to Style Athletic Shirts and Jackets

A pair of jeans and a t-shirt can go from staying home to dressed up as quickly as you can put on a jacket. Choose a bomber style or blazer for the best effect. Don’t think your tees only belong with jeans. Pair an athletic shirt with a pair of slacks to create a casual office look for in the office or out.

A hoodie can easily be dressed up with the addition of simple accessories like a hat or scarf. Accessories alone can sometimes take an average gym outfit and turn it into a stylish street look.

Looking Fit: How to Style Athletic Clothing

Bottom line? With athletic style clothing, it’s all about mixing and matching. Pair pieces from your everyday wardrobe with your athletic clothing to create a stylish, laid-back vibe. Find a place where style meets comfort.

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