A Comparison Between React Admin Templates 

Service and website management have a vital role in defining the service success that it will have. This is also the reason why there is an essential requirement for admin dashboards. This makes the analytical structure to visualize and organize the business data.

In this blog, we shall be comparing the varied React Admin templates. Keep in mind that all of these templates do offer premium features to the client and a huge variation can be combined as per the specific requirements of an application. Let’s begin!

React JS templates

1. Veltrix:

It is an admin panel template that’s completely responsive and has been based on Bootstrap 4.4. Veltrix comes with a well-made starter kit that makes use of Redux for the management of the state. This also supports varied backend languages like Laravel and NodeJS. 

Veltrix components have been coded and designed for high standards and one can also customize as per the application requirements. Like a few other famous admin templates, this also comes with many functionalities like calendars, charts, etc. 

2. Enlite:

With the use of Material UI, Enlite was built. This had interesting elements for social media that also improves the experience as well as the promotion of interactivity with the built application. There are about 30 components in Enlite and this includes pages like dashboard variants, profile, and landing.  

Features like location services and contact sharing do make the social pages extremely intuitive. The capacity of table creation and data display in a way that makes everything easy for readability is another benefit.

This is a beginner-friendly react admin template that provides documentation for deployment, page creation that is also written nicely. It is also an affordable choice, so perfect for start-ups or individuals.

3. Argon Pro:

If you are in search of a trending and premium template available, then this will be great. It makes use of Reactstrap and Bootstrap. One can build the CRUD apps pretty fast on this as a lot of components have already been implemented for the user. The color and design scheme is excellent and there are countless sample pages that a beginner can use as a reference point.  

If you are a developer that has some familiarity with the “Create React App” then making use of Argon will be so simple for you. This will happen as it has been built over that framework only and also the folder structure that it follows is the same.

You can go through over 100 components that provide the user with several combinations that can build a more reusable and significant component that will be ideal for the application that you are building.


The different templates that were mentioned in the blog is a representation of the best admin templates that can be used. Each of these will be providing the user with specific experience of the dashboard. A template might or might not be perfect for project development that you are working on. A solution for determining the right choice will be to look at varied online previews, documentation, and demos for gauging what a specific template might offer you.  

Sameer Raj has a keen interest in technology. He spent most of his time socializing with gadgets & tools than human beings. With each of his articles, Sameer shares such unique tricks that you might never knew.