Ways Uniconverter helps you to convert from AVI to MP4

The Uniconverter is a video editor that helps in converting the videos in various formats. This software will help you in converting videos in whichever format you want to, easily as well as quickly. You can download the videos easily and can watch it and edit it as per your wish. You can also add text messages or add margins or crop the video as well. The software also allows you to convert files from AVI to MP4.There are a lot of benefits which the software provides that a user can enjoy. Some amongst them are discussed below:

Uniconverter Main Screen

Video recording

In case you are someone who likes to save all the images or videos so that you can view it afterwards, then this is the best software for you. This software also allows you to share images or videos with your family members or in a social media platform whenever you want to. By using this tool you can also stream videos whenever you want to.

DVD experience

The software has also been offering other features like using it for the DVD experience. It has been found to be flawless while enabling these conversions. This software also allows you with other features as well that is you need to first copy and then convert the video, thenedit the video and then backup the file and burn DVD disc by just clicking once. You can enjoy different videos by just simply using the toolkit.

Steps to convert the file from AVI to MP4 format

Import the Video to convert it into MP4

  1. First you need to open the software and select on add files and then import the files that areavailable in the AVI format. Then you need to convert it in the MP4 format.
  2. You can simply drag the file and drop. This should be done with the filesthat need to be converted fromAVI to MP4format.

On Mac: convert the files to MP4

Beside the convert all button, you need to select the down arrow button and click on the video button to select MP4. After that you need to select the resolution of the video which is available at the right section.

Uniconverter Item list

Start converting

Select on the convert button and then you can see that the file has been converted into the Mp4 format.

Different software through which you can convert AVI files to MP4 format

Online UniConverter

This software has helped in creating a lot of audio or video conversion. This helps in converting the popular audio formats such as MP3 to WMA, M4A, FLAC,MP3 to WAV,AM4 to MP3, WMA, OGG,WAV, etc. The procedure to be followed for converting into MP4 with Online UniConverter:

  1. First you need to select on add files and click on MP4 to convert it.
  2. After that click on the convert button and after the conversion is completed you just need to select on the download option so that you can save the downloaded file.


The software is also known as OVC where you can convert the videos by pasting the link or the file. The benefit of using the software is you do not need to install the software.

Procedure to be followed for converting into MP4 with Onlinevideoconverter
  1. Select the video that you want to convert from the cloud storage or the device.
  2. Then click on MP4 by selecting the menu button so that the conversion takes place.
  3. After that select the start button so that the conversion can start.
  4. After the completion of the conversion you just need to select on the download link to save the file.

Online converter

This is a software which does not have a limitation for conversion. You can download and can directly add the files.You can also make some manual adjustments that are needed. You can proceed to the settings button and edit the video by cropping it or changing the bitrate or by adding frames, etc.

  1. First select on the video converter where you will be able to convert it into MP4 format.
  2. After that you just need to paste the URL of the video for which you want the conversion.
  3. Then click on convert option and the file will be converted.

By using this software you will be able to convert the AVI files to the Mp4 format easily and also enjoy a seamless experience while watching them.

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