Destiny-2 Trials of Osiris

This part of the game is of the “Elimination” type – elimination. You, along with your team, must kill all enemy players. The game takes place in PvP, but at the same time, in order to join the battle, you will need to have equipment of a high level of power and Trials Passage, purchasable from Vance, for 500 Blinks. At the same time, if you leave during the battle, it will be considered a defeat.

At the end of the test, users will receive high-level armor and access to the Lighthouse location. However, to pass this battle – you need to become the winner in seven rounds in a row.

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Destiny-2 Trials of Osiris

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Our specialists will carefully and scrupulously complete the event without losing a single game. Professional Player Trials Carry will start pumping your character an hour after paying for the order. The exact duration of the game cannot be determined, but it takes our team no more than five hours. Remember that to move to new locations, you need seven victories in a row, and if you lose, all progress is rewound to the initial level. However, if you order destiny 2 trials boosting with us, nothing like this will happen. Our Trials Carry will masterfully conduct all seven battles and pass the tests flawlessly. As soon as you open the Lighthouse location, you should know that access to it will be valid for one week. For opening a chest at a location, there is a chance to get a different pack of gifts. In one of them you will find:

  • Rare Eye of Osiris;
  • Etheric Light – one;
  • Motes of Light – four;
  • And one of the randomly dropped weapons, it could be like The Messenger (Adept) is both a pulse rifle and a Jewel of Osiris (Adept) hand cannon.

Trials of Osiris take place every week, starting on Friday and ending on Tuesday. To find battles, you will need to go to the Crucible.

To participate in this event, you must do three things:

1) Complete quest Trials access.

2) Have the latest version of the game.

3) Purchase a pass from Saint-14 during the trials.

For access, you can take a quest in the tower from Saint-14. It is located next to the ship in the Hangar. The quest will consist of three consecutive actions: get a piece of equipment from this season, defeat 50 guards in destruction mode and reach level 15.

Is it difficult to pass this event on your own? Definitely yes, and all because this event takes place in PvP and here you can face heroes who will be stronger and at the same time you need to win seven games without losing. Therefore, every, even the most trifling mistake will lead to the fact that you will lose your winning streak. We advise you to order the service of passing the test with us, so as not to waste your nerves, time and effort, but the pleasure of exploring new locations for a whole week, opening chests and receiving rewards.

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