Does Alzheimer’s Have a Special Health Insurance Plan?

When it comes to health insurance plans, insurance companies have curated plans with an intent to be exhaustive and inclusive in terms of coverage. This helps cover all the expenses of both common medical conditions and critical illnesses. One of the common critical illnesses that get covered under a health insurance plan is Alzheimer’s disease. It is a neurological disorder that shrinks the brain and kills the brain cells.

It is a common type of dementia that causes a progressive decline in memory and other mental functions of a person. This affects their behavioral and social skills, limiting their ability to function independently. In India, some type of Alzheimer’s is seen in over 4 million people, especially in people below 65 years of age.

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What Happens When You’re Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s? 

Alzheimer’s causes a serious case of dementia which only progresses and worsens with time. The patients might face difficulties with speech or stop responding altogether. Though the advance in medical technology has made it possible for the diagnosed to be treated and tended to with proper care, there is no proper cure, yet.

The only way to treat the condition is to provide a better life to the patient by taking care of them with the help of professional caregivers and medical practitioners. Some of the common symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease include loss of memory, difficulty in problem-solving and completion of tasks, change in mood and personality, social self-isolation, verbal and spoken communication issues, etc.

Does Alzheimer’s Have a Special Health Insurance Plan?

Alzheimer’s is a neurological life-threatening disorder that affects the patient’s brain functionality and cripples them all together, at a later stage. It not only affects the patient but leaves a deep impact on the family as well.

Treating the disease and managing the patient’s everyday care can be very expensive and leave one struggling with finances. This is why it is ideal to opt for Critical Illness insurance to help you financially to cover medical expenses. Getting Alzheimer’s treated can drain your savings and managing funds. This will leave you with next to no time in spending time with the patient.

With the insurance, you can avail a huge sum insured in a single transaction upon diagnosis that you can use for the treatment of the diagnosed, care, recovery, repaying debts, or even use it as a substitute for the loss of income.

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Should I Opt for a Critical Illness Cover if I Have a Health Insurance Plan?

A health insurance plan will help provide you the best of medical treatment and cover the expenses of the same under a sum insured, during your policy period. Whereas critical insurance provides you with a huge sum upon diagnosis after a survival period of 30 days to help cover the expenses you have made so far.

You are entitled to use the sum insured as you please and are not expected to provide any bills for the same. Further, you could also enjoy some tax benefits under section 80D. A critical illness plan does not just offer financial support, but also gives you time to spend with the patient and tend to them to the best of your abilities.

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