How to Download Videos from YouTube: (5 Methods)

YouTube is the most popular video sharing website where thousands of people from upload interesting videos daily. Videos are free to watch, you can watch them unlimited times and if you are logged into YouTube through your Google account, you can even like the video, subscribe its channel, mark it to watch later, etc.

Some videos can be restricted from your region. If you wanna watch them, you can use these proxy sites to unblock YouTube videos. But, what if you want to download a YouTube video?

Well, to tell you straight, YouTube doesn’t provide any direct method to allow you to download any YouTube video for free. However, these are few ways using which you can download unlimited YouTube videos in your desired video resolution & formats.

So, for those who are looking for ways to download YouTube videos easily, today through this article, I am showing you 5 easy methods to download any desired YouTube video. This article shows you how to download YouTube videos in Computer or Mobile phone. So whether you are using Windows, Mac or Linux desktop, Android or iPhone, you’ll be able to download any desired YouTube video for free using these below methods.

1. Download YouTube Video in Desktop / Mobile Phone

Whether you are browsing YouTube using your mobile phone or desktop. Even if you didn’t have any special app installed, you can quickly download a YouTube video in any desired resolution or format using Savefrom Online YouTube Video Downloader. Browse the link through your web browser and in the input field provided in front of you, paste your desired YouTube video URL. (You can grab YouTube video link by clicking Share button or your desired YouTube videos).

Once you have pasted your YouTube video link that you want to download at Savefrom online YouTube video downloader, press the > button available on the right side of the input field. Savefrom will now fetch your YouTube video and provide various resolution & format options to download YouTube video for free.

Savefrom online YouTube video downloader
Savefrom online YouTube video downloader

Whether you want to download your YouTube video in Mp4, 3GP, 720p, 480p, 360p, this online YouTube video downloader will show you all the available options. You can even download your YouTube video’s music/sound in Mp3 too. Choose the desired option and hit download. Your YouTube video will start downloading automatically.

2. YouTube Video Download SS URL Trick

This is another easy and quick method to download YouTube videos for free. If you are watching any YouTube video in and you instantly made your mind to download that YouTube video then you can download it without having trouble to visit any YouTube video downloader website.

All you need to do is to replace in URL appearing in your web browser to and browse the link. So, if your original YouTube video URL is this:

then, change it to this:

and now visit this new URL. Browsing the link will take you to Savefrom YouTube downloader, automatically submit your YouTube video link to the website and provide YouTube video downloading options directly. Choose the desired video downloading format (like above) and hit DOWNLOAD.

There is another similar YouTube URL trick which allows you to directly download YouTube video with the change of YouTube video URL. The trick requires you to append to after youtube in video link.

So, let’s say if your original YouTube video URL is this:

then, change it to this:

Now browse the link, it will take you to another online YouTube video downloader YouTube-to-Mp3 which will allow you to download your desired YouTube video in various resolution & audio/video formats.

3. Using YouTube Video Downloader Software

If you want an all-in-one solution to fulfill all your video downloading need from all popular video sharing websites like YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc. then download KeepVid Video Downloader.

Keepvid provides online free YouTube video download through its website, chrome extension, offline YouTube downloader for Windows/Mac and YouTube video download apps. And, these video downloaders support 10,000+ video sharing sites, provide video downloading in 150+ video/audio formats. Moreover, features like batch download, faster speed, scheduled download, video conversion, etc. are going to be a lot of help for someone with bulk video downloading need.

KeepVid Video downloader is available for free to download & use. So, install KeepVid video downloader and it will solve all of your Video downloading need.

Alternatively, you can install this YouTube Video Downloader or hunt any great YouTube video downloader software for your PC which will allow you to download YouTube videos for free.

4. Download YouTube Videos using Tubemate

If have downloaded a lot of YouTube videos (especially via Android smartphone) then I am sure you are not unaware of Tubemate, the best YouTube Video downloader app for Android. The app allows you to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Metacafe, Google and many other video-sharing websites easily by just pasting the video link for any supported website.

Unfortunately, the app is now not officially available through Google Play store and many other fake apps are coming there with a similar name but no real feature. However, you can still download Tubemate video downloader app from, the official website of the Tubemate app.

So, download Tubemate from its official website, install it in your Android phone and enjoy downloading unlimited videos for free directly in your Android phone.

5. Download YouTube Video from YouTube App

YouTube officially don’t provide users to download YouTube videos in Mp4, WMV, MOV or any other video formats but you can save videos to watch offline in official YouTube app. Browse any desired video inside your YouTube app and you’ll see and save button below the YouTube video along with Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down & Share button.

Click the save button and YouTube will ask you in what resolution (HD, Full HD, 360p, etc.) do you want to save the YouTube video with their calculated size. Choose the desired video quality and the YouTube video will be saved in your phone.

Once the video has been saved, you can watch it unlimited times through your YouTube app even if you are not connected to the internet.

So, these are 5 quick and easy methods to download any desired YouTube video for free. Comment below if you are facing problem in following any of the above methods. Also, if you know any better way to download YouTube videos easily, please share it.

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