Proxy Sites List 2018 – Top 500 Free Proxy Servers (Fast & Secure)

Proxy sites are important to hide our identity online. They let us browse anonymously to maintain privacy, fake our location to unblock sites/apps/services which are blocked in our region. There are many other important benefits of using proxies while browsing internet.

You can enjoy offers/discounts/gifts which are available for people of only certain location by using proxy of that location. If you use fast proxy, it can provide you boost in internet connection and you can browse/download fast or watch videos in YouTube easily.

If you want to enjoy these benefits, you should use proxy server while browsing internet. The easiest way to use proxy is browse through proxy sites. But, there are hundreds of websites online among them, there are spam proxy sites, slow/dead proxies sites too which can do more harm than benefits because if you use such sites, they can infect your system with virus, steal your confidential details like Facebook/GMail/Twitter login details, credit card credentials, etc.

So, if you want to use proxy, it is highly recommended to use only those sites which are safe, secure, provides fast proxies and add new proxy IP address frequently to their proxy list.

Here, I am telling you Top 500 best proxy sites list which matches these standards. They provide fast & safe proxy, the proxy list is updated many times a day and you can select country-specific proxy to fake your location to desired country.

Sr. No.Proxy Site NameProxy Site URL
3IP Switcher
4Surf Proxy
8Free Proxy
9Proxy Foxy
10Surf Me Now
14Web Proxy Free
15K Proxy
16Web Proxy
17Gone Wind
18Unblock My Web
20Secure Browsing
21Browse This
23JT Dec
24Free Easy Proxy
25Bitcoin Proxy
26Surf Land
27Safe Net Browser
28Click Show
29Hide Me Pls
30Proxy Browse
31Hide My IP
32Free YouTube
33Web Curtain
34University Explorer
35Get Past Block Site
36Proxy YouTube
37Proxy Power
38Orange Proxy
39Pro Unblock
41See The Net
42Great Proxy
43Hide Oxy
44Proxy This
45VPN Asia
46Proxy Site
47Prox Me Call Me Names
48Greatest Free Proxy
49IP Less
50Hello Proxy
51Web Blind
52This Prox Can Do Anything
53Fast Web Proxy
54Unlocked Proxy
55Hi5 Proxy Now
56Pro Unblock Proxy
57Best School Network
58Poof Proxy
59My Free Proxy
60Filter ByPass Proxy
61PHP Proxy Site
62Free Open Proxy
63Free You Proxy Tube
64America Proxy
66Map Toy
68Yr Proxy
69Zend Proxy
70FB Proxies
71Mega Proxy
72Proxy Pirates
74Bog Bone
75Rapid Proxy
76Suede Proxy
77Always on Proxy
79King Surf Proxy
80YouTube Proxy
81VPN Browse
82Just Proxy
83Monster Proxy
85EU Proxy
86The Covert
87USA Proxy
88Star Doll Proxy
89Blue BBs
90Total Privacy
91Push Proxy
92Fish Proxy
93US Web Proxy
94Tomato Proxy
95Sonic Proxy
96ByPass Restrictions
97Xite Now
99Alpha1 Proxy
100See Proxy
101New IP Now
102Surf for Free
103Server Proxy
104Free Asy Proxy Site
105Free Proksy
106Streaming Video Proxy
107Play Proxy
108Network ByPass
109YouTube Unblock Proxy
110Proxy 2014
111Wacky Willy Wonka
112Just Unblock It
113Every Prox
114Poll Proxy
115Proxy Gogo
116Free Open Proxy
117Wing Proxy
118My Web Tunnel
119School Proxy
120Videoz Proxy
121View YouTube
1220 Proxy
123School Proxy
125B2B Proxy
126Ninja Proxy
127Private Surf
128SSL Proxy
129Draw Forum
130Rapid Proxy
131Web Proxy Free
132How To Unblock Site
133CA Proxies
134Hide Me Ass
135Proxy Free
136Speed Proxy
137Free Proxy Server
138Proxy 2014
139UK Proxy
141Fun Proxy
142Get Past FireWall
143Video Unblocker
146Star Doll Proxy
147TAB Proxy
148Proxy Outlaw
151Rapid Proxy
152Cloak Net
153Proxy Internet
154Web Proxy
1561 Free Proxy
157Hide End Digital
160College Online 3020
161Mister Browser
162ByPass Proxy Free
163OO Proxy
164YouTube Free Proxy
165Spin Proxy
166You Server
167Hide My Trax Proxy
168Under Cover Troll
169Fresh Proxy
170Proxy Grade
171Working Proxy
172Most Proxy
173Get My Space Proxy
174Estilo Retro
176Speed Proxy
178DZ Hot
179Intern Cloud
180Web Surf
181Browse Sneak
182Singapore Proxy
183My Space IP Change
184Network ByPass
186Europe Proxy
187YouTube Unblock Proxy
189XYZ Proxy
190Free Proxy Server
191PK Proxy
192Don't Filter
193Unblock YouTube
195Hide The Internet
196UK Web Proxy
197Skull Proxy
198EU Proxy
199Blocker ByPass
200Hide ME
201Pirana Surf
203123 Proxy
204Good Proxy
205Prok Space
206Momo Pik
207The Unseeable
208Hide My Ass
209A Win Theam
210The Undetectable
211iWeb Proxy
213Browse Prince
216Just Proxy
217CDB Plc
219Puzzle Proxy
220Proxy My
222K Proxy
223The Unblockable
224To Proxy
225LA Proxy
226Proxy Pirate
227Web Proxy
228Unblock Websites
229Browse Free
230Dine Forum
232Fun Proxy
233Proxy 2014
234Blew Pass
235Unblock YouTube Free
236See The Space
237World Cup Proxy
238Go Proxy
239Proxies Sites
240Soka Online
242Quick Proxy
243Proxy Sky
244Zacebook PK
245Little Blue Pillprox
246Surf 3LE
247Get Past Sonic Wall
248Prox Free
249Proxy and VPN
250Quick Proxy
2525 Proxy
253Free Fast Proxy
254Fast School Proxy
255US Proxies
256Brazil Proxy
257Proxy Tayo
258NZ Proxy
259Canada Proxy
260Pop Proxy
261The Proxy
262First Proxy
263Clear Surf
264Proxy 2015
265Jezus Loves This Proxy
266You Liaoren
267My 3 Space
269PHP Proxy
270Go Proxy
271ByPass Tunnel
272Nano Proxy
273New Web Proxy Server
274Proxy & VPN
276Unlimited Browsing
277Wacky Weber Prox
278Frist Proxy
279Proxy Gup
280Don't Filter
281Free Web Proxy
282Proxy Site
283Old Jon Joseph Prox
284Tia Fun
285College Online 3030
286Free You Proxy Tune
287Fre Proxy Web Server 2k15
288The Best Proxy
289Web Surf Proxy
290A Proxies
291KR Proxy
293German Proxy
294Pear Proxy
295Click My Sweet Proxy
297Remove Filters
298Just Unblock It
300My School Space
301Winter Proxy
302QL Proxy
303Host App
304Best Free Proxy
305List MMO
306Prox Free
307Fast and Free Proxy
308Proxy Spider
309Euro Proxy
310Cray Proxy
312Unblock The Internet
313Proxy Site
314Proxy This
315Get Access
317Ultimate Accesss
320The Sneaker
321Work Host
322Proxy Tube
323Virtual Browser
324Unblock My Surf
325Toms My Space
326Zen Proxy
327Fast Proxy for Free
328The Invisible
330My Income
331Ninja FY
332Prime Proxy
333Proxy Ninja
334Proxy Sites Unblock
337Proxy One
338Torrent Proxy
339School Clicks
342Monkey Funky
343Our Web Proxy
344Working Proxy
346Saoudi Proxy
347Web Proxy
348Proxify DE
349DE Blocker
3504ever Proxy
351JavaScript Proxy
353Unblock YouTube At School
354Speed Proxy Server
355US Proxy
356Hope Proxy
357Free Public Proxy
358Take Proxy
359Dutch Proxy Server
360Layout Fly
361Star Doll Proxy
362New Web Proxy
363The Concealed
364Filter Less
365V Tunnel
3660z Proxy
367Suede Proxy
368Proxy 4 Freedom
369Fast Time
370Calc Help
371Hiding Now
372You Free Proxy Tube
373K Proxy Site
374AB Proxy
375Internet Unlocked
376WTF Blocked
377View YouTube
378Proxy Rocket
379My Space From School
380Hiding Your Info
382High Proxy
383Rent Proxy
384Proxy DB
385The Camouflaged
387Air Proxy
388Imnota Proxy
389Hide IP Proxy
390Browser Hide
391Me Hide
392XX Proxy
394Proxify EU
395Hide My IP Today
396Rapid Proxy
3974ever Proxy
398Block Override
399Unblock IT
400DeFilter ME
403Xite Now
404Unblock My Web
405Popey Prox
406E Surfer
408Facebook Proxy Server
4114ur Browsing
414CollegeOnline 3008
415Surf List
416Proxy Internet
417Snow Proxy
418Greatest Free Proxy
421Blocked Net
423Travel VPN
427My Proxy
428Proxy Agent
429Surf Help
430Look Hiden
431The Unstoppable
432ByPass All
433WebProxy Server
434Hi5 Unblock
435Hi Proxy
4364 Proxy
437Everybody use This
438England Proxy
439Fast Proxy Network
440The Proxy CA
441Me Hide
442The Unblockable
444Can't Block This
446Access Proxy
447Cool Proxy
448The Obscure
449P Proxy Y
451Proxy Euro
452Proxy 2014
453e Proxy
455Proxy Zone
456No Link IP
457Safe Proxy Site
458Privacy U
459EE Proxy
460Proxy Site
461London Proxy
462Proxy For EU
46355 Proxy
466HAHA Proxy
467Unblock My Internet
46812eal Proxy
470View The Mall
471The Best Proxy
472Stealth Proxy
473My School Proxy
474Extreme Proxy
476Free Proxy Server
477Unban Facebook
478VPN Browse
481School Rocks
482high School Explorer
483Fast USA Proxy
484You Don't Mess Around With Me
485Unblock Tail
486Proxy Australia
487All Unblock
488Solid Proxy
489Surf GH
490Proxy Site
491Unblocker Lite
492Hide The Internet
493Brazil Proxy
494Surf Plaza
496Unblocker Surf
497Free Proxy Server
498Proxy Arabic
499France Proxy
500Top Proxy

All the proxy sites we have provided above are top rated proxy websites which provide secure proxy to visit any website. If you want to visit any website using proxy any of the above proxy sites lists, simply visit the proxy website and enter URL/Link of the desired webpage. For example, below here, I am telling you how to visit any website using Kproxy – Proxy Site

How To Visit a Website using Proxy

To visit any website using Kproxy, follow these below steps:

  • Copy URL/Link of the desired webpage from browser’s address bar
  • Visit KProxy Proxy site by using this link –
  • Enter URL in the provided Text Box and Hit “Surf” button.

  • Now, KProxy will open the target URL through it’s proxy server. You can even change the server by clicking on “Change Server [+]” button provided below the Kproxy “Surf” button. It allows you to change among 10 different Kproxy proxy server to change IP Address, Geo Location or increase Proxy speed.

After you have selected your desired KProxy Public server and clicked on “Surf” button, Kproxy will open the link with your desired proxy server. And, as Kproxy is very fast, secure and compatible proxy website, you will not observe any distortion on the target webpage, it can load every script connected to the target website and serve you the webpage in exactly the same layout that you could see by directly visiting the webpage.

Kproxy also provided Kproxy Chrome Extension that you can install in your Google Chrome web browse to start visiting any website through this proxy without needing to visit Kproxy websites each time.

Steps are similar with other proxy websites I have provided above in the list. Some proxy sites might have few extra features like option to choose HTTP or HTTPS connection, choose location, etc. which you only require to select if you want to use these option else, the URL you enters in these proxy websites will be open in proxy’s default settings which is not always the best.

Anyways, bookmark this article because we are updating this article with new proxy websites frequently which we find good and safe for our readers. And, tell in comments which among the above list is your favorite proxy.

Ranbeer Maver is a Computer Science undergraduate. He's a geek who embraces any new consumer technology with inhuman enthusiasm.